Friday, March 30, 2007

A Great Friend, Mum and Wife!

I want to draw attention to a great blog that has been newly started and is not about theology! It has been started by my friend Peter's wife Margaret. She is the unsung hero behind Peter's ministry in London (as I am sure he would agree) and her interest is gardening! She has just graciously opened her home to me for 3 days and is an amazing host.

It is here: Sunshine Allotment.

Before Mrs Day set up this blog I must confess to a dread of anything to do with the outdoors but I am growing increasinly appreciative of her passion spending time growing things! Truly God has created an awesome universe and we should be out enjoying it! So ... even if you aren't remotely interested in gardening - go pay it a visit and up her counter. You will get to see some photos of Peter as a bonus actually getting his hands dirty and out of a theology tome!

And you never know - you might actually catch her enthusiasm.

1 comment:

Peter Day said...

Thank you for this, Dan. It is much appreciated.

And I am very glad that you didn't post the picture of my balding head bending over the compost bin.

A smiley!!!