Saturday, March 03, 2007

"King and His Army" - Session 2 Available Online!

Ern Baxter's spiritual son, George Kouri has now made the second session of my manuscript available on his website. It is here:

I love the way that Ern Baxter's emphasis in the series was so motivational for the Church. He said:

"There is a dimension and as we go along in these nights from my point of view I hope to send you back to wherever you come from with a new sense of meaning. I want you to go from this conference adjusting your crown, pulling your purple toga a little tighter around you, squaring your shoulders and standing ten feet tall to go home to change your community and plant the flag of Jesus Christ on top of City Hall!"
I have got the "King and His Army" available on CD now also for anyone who appreciates the spoken word.

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Anonymous said...

Hi;My name is Bill and I live in Tulsa, OK. USA I have known Ern Baxter from 1969 until he died. He was my pastor and dear friend. I tried to be with him or near him or close to what he was doing. I basically have most of his tapes on cassette. There is a Baxter tape library here in the States. I have all of his books too. I would love to contact Dan and Mark and we can "talk". I transcribed his series on the Adam/Christ Analogy (8 tapes - 75 pgs.) and his book on Roman's 1-5 I redid. Took my a year! Any way my e-mail is later - Bill Evans Tulsa, OKLAHOMA