Thursday, March 15, 2007

An Old Friend from the Past!

I am thrilled to point you to a recent blog that will, I have no doubt, produce writing of depth and worth. Andy Weatherly was a dear friend to me at university. He was President of the Christian Union and was gracious enough to disciple me for a time. I have really fond memories of our times together. He was as fiercely opinionated as I and I loved teasing him on charismatic issues especially. But what I learned from him above all was a love for the Word of God and the glory of God above all things.

I like his attitude to blogs in general. He writes:

"A number of people have had the misfortune of hearing my rants regarding blogs. I have always been rather disparaging that they are generally in order to inflict ones ignorance onto ones friends and that by shortcutting the editorial process that one would have to go to in order to achieve publications one avoids the vital feedback and editorial judgment that ought to be (but sadly is not) characteristic of blogs. In other ways the blog represents the desire for significance and meaning as if others might benefit from reading my thoughts, quips and insights. Since I have neither the insight nor the humour for a decent blog am I therefore a complete hypocrite for having a blog. Not at all! My blog is primarily for my own edification – for me to jot down my thoughts, illustrations and notes at the end of a day, if you want to read those things then please be my guest!".

It's a great attitude to have and one that I am striving to emulate. I don't think that writing to produce comments is a useful thing to do. While I doubt he will be visiting my blog, I will be certainly keeping an eye on what he has to say and write. He is co-leading a church in Birmingham and I hope will be making available his sermons for a wider audience to benefit from in an age when quality preaching is lacking.

Go visit!

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