Monday, March 26, 2007

Part 3 of "The King and His Army" available online!

Brother George Kouri has posted the third session of this monumental series by Dr Ern Baxter on his website and it is available here:

"Transitioning Between Kingdoms".

I am amazed at how many church leaders within the charismatic movement are testifying to the impact of this series on their lives - testimonies keep coming. Don't miss reading this and allowing the dynamic truth and prophetic vision stir up the fire within your hearts. I am so grateful to Brother Kouri for making this available for me.

The other parts of the "King and His Army" series are here:

"A Prophet as Untimely Born" - my personal tribute to Ern Baxter.

"The Head and Shoulders Man" - Session 1 from the Lakes Bible Week 1975.

"The Decline and Death of the Head and Shoulders Man" - Session 2.


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