Monday, February 02, 2009

The Magnificence of God!

"When only God does things that only God can do -
then only God gets the glory".

Fini de Gersigny - Glory and Grace Conference - Hong Kong.

So if that's the case, then why has Christianity been so busy trying to make sure that God doesn't invade our churches and do what He loves to do? Why have we been so busy making sure that our lives are full of OUR works (even if we mix it with a little grace and pretend it's all part of 'sanctification' and becoming 'effective')? Why can't we simply sit back and allow Him to do what He does best and BE God!?


Ursula Kuba said...

Oh...Dan! You so have it! Thats exactly it!!! Thank you for posting know anything with Fin or Is will have a comment from me, and you posted a photo with the Fizzies in it! Oh I miss them!

Dan Bowen said...

I thought TOTALLY of you when I was posting it!! Been listening to Fin and Isi's sessions from Glory and Grace H.K in the car travelling to and from work at the mo .... what pure joy!!

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

There is only one Presence of God.But different manifestations.WE are told that when God's healing Presence was there, Jesus healed all that were sick. He had some heavy things to say at other times...but somehow when He was saying them, they weren't heavy. When He said "Go and sin no more" to the adulteress,
there was firmness there, there was tender love there...but more than that..the words were buzzing with the Power and anointing and grace to carry it out. John said His words were full of Grace and Truth. This also was the Presence of God.
You know I gave that little picture of the Word, the Presence of God, as somehow a metal orb suspended simultaneously between all subjects/themes/anointings in His Word....and that is how you know when God is in the house. It's like being wrecked by say, the Thy Kingdom Come session of Ern listen for the same thing whatever meeting you are in. You don't want to mess with anything less. Let's have Jesus in our meetings. He is Law. But He is Life.Because He is the Law of Life.He has a flaming double-edged sword in His mouth. On one edge is Covenant Love...His Father Love for us..His brother love for us...on the other edge is hatred for anything in our lives that still stinks. But this sword is keen.Sharp. To the cutting of soul and spirit. Any last bit of fibrous tissue where we are soul-run(which Page Prewitt and Norman describe as a devil-hookup) is sliced through down to the marrow...leaving us as individuals who are solely a hookup with God Himself.
So meetings where we let God be God are only to be encouraged and sought after with all our persistence,single-mindedness and might.