Saturday, February 21, 2009

Prophecy from Pete Day Re: The Grace Revolution!!

I was pretty excited this morning after getting in from work for various reasons and I emailed Pete Day with some of my thoughts. And I got this reply - which I take utterly and totally to be prophetic;


This is just so amazing. There is a great work going on, a linking of grace-lovers around the world. God is raising up grace revolutionaries in every city, and just as the printing press released the glory of justification by faith to the reformers some 500 years ago, so in this day, the e-mail, the text message, the blog, the conference, and the books, will fuel the grace revolutionaries. So no grace revolutionary need stand alone because fire is going to be imparted around the world through these means.

The grace revolutionaries are not going to have to wait months and years for fresh ammunition to come to them, but there is going to be an impartation of truth and anointing across the earth, and lonely revolutionaries are going to be filled with truth, grace and power. As the revolutionaries receive this impartation of glory, and as they pour it out to their friends and their flocks, so mighty grace revolutionary armies are going to be raised up, and church by church, with great battle, street by street, with great battle, city by city, with great battle, and ultimately nation by nation, the message of God’s grace and the accompanying cloud of His glory will envelop the globe and the Son of God will have His promised inheritance".

This prophecy in many ways answers the cries of my heart from when I was driving to work last night. I noticed that recently the "Rob Rufus - Grace and Glory Blog" has jumped hits quite considerably from around 20, 000 to 30, 000 hits! Thanks to everyone who has come and visited! I suspect it is something to do with Rob's awesome "Established in the Gift of Righteousness series" which have opened my eyes to the gift of righteousness! But while I was rejoicing in that I still had a sense of profound dissatisfaction that 30, 000 hits is such a small number when you consider the billions lost across China and the Middle Eastern world who are bound in law and legalism.

And I was crying out to God to show me how I can be more effective in playing my small part to spread the message of the fires of grace because I felt so far away from Hong Kong and from City Church and these amazing pioneers. I felt lonely! There aren't many people around here that stand for grace and glory. This prophecy answers that and the email I got this morning from Ryan Rufus that so excited me. So God has answered so quickly! And I am thrilled!

Let it be done Lord! Even so come Lord Jesus and take Your promised inheritance!


lydia joy said...

okay this is going to sound a little odd........did you ever see the movie, 'Field of Dreams'.........well, I got a sense that I should share this with you, "If you build it, they will come!"

Your labor is not in vain, it is for His Kingdom and His glory and He will be known in every nation across the earth!!! Keep it up, I see you have been busy!! Go Dan!!

(do tell about the email......:)

jul said...

I hear you on lonliness! There are days I'm just so lonely for someone somewhere who speaks the same language if you know what I mean. I feel we are trying to plant a church all by small selves and of course God is with us, but we are human, we long for other humans to be with us and catch hold of the same vision of glory and grace! I think we are often tempted to give up and just live as comfortable as we can without getting tangled up in any church business at all, but we know what we're called to, we long for a group of free spirits who are going out into the world setting more and more free, and I guess we can't give up! But we sure don't have much to show for our time here so far...not in the natural anyway! Enough of that though, that was an amazing encouragement from Pete, thanks for sharing it!