Friday, February 13, 2009

A Brighton Getaway!!

Any regular readers will know that Brighton is like my second home. I've loved it since the first day I visited it years ago and have a particular love for just sitting by the sea and feeling the exhilarating freedom of looking at infinity. An added bonus is that one of my favourite churches in the U.K is also in Brighton - Church of Christ the King (or CCK as it is now called).

So this weekend as a sort of "anti-Valentines" day a few of us are going away to get some sea air, have a good time and also of course go to CCK on Sunday. It's the kind of church that you can go to and it doesn't matter who's preaching or who is leading worship. You KNOW that the Presence of God is going to be there in a powerful way. But I must admit I was extremely excited when I found that Simon Brading is leading worship and Terry Virgo is preaching!!

We haven't heard Terry speak live since "Together on a Mission 2007" (I think) so I will be really interested to see what is on his heart since coming back from his months in Australia and where he is at. So I am trusting God excitedly and hoping that there will be so much to share when I come back on Sunday night! God always seems to give me "big" words or direction when I am in Brighton so I am going in great faith!

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