Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rob Rufus on Church Meetings

"Experts in the law don't enter into the miraculous or grace or the supernatural. They hold slick, well-oiled and well run effective services with a lot of loud music and sophisticated music that is impressive but you have an encounter with music and not an encounter with anointing! I have been in meetings where the music is so good that even the world can't do it that good but I come out crying and saying; "I didn't feel Your Presence at all - You weren't there. There was a lot of sweat and dancing and sophisticated music (which I love) but when I go to church, I don't want to encounter good music. I want to encounter God!".

Rob Rufus - "Established in Righteousness - Part 3 - "Faith - the Currency of Heaven" - City Church International - Hong Kong - Sunday 18th January 2009.

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