Monday, February 09, 2009

The Prophetic Seals It ... Hong Kong Here We Come!!

I love, love, love the prophetic!! WHAT a gift from God!!

Essentially there has never been any question in my mind that I really, really MUST be at the "Glory and Grace Conference" in Hong Kong with Rob and Glenda Rufus, Joshua and Janet Mills and Fini and Isi de Gersigny. I've been listening to the glorious, life-saving "Established in Righteousness" sermons from City Church International and the prophecies that are starting to come through about the conference and what God is going to do there. The conference has never been in question!

But the means to get us there has been another matter. I still haven't been giving the gift of "jumping" yet (teleporting). So it's been relying on the airways - and they aren't cheap! So the reason that I haven't made public that fact as to whether I am going or not has been due to a struggle in my own mind as to whether I can afford to go - or whether I can afford to miss this heavenly opportunity to encounter God's glory in ways I haven't even dreamed of!

So I texted Pete Day yesterday and laid out my struggle. Is it faith to ignore the financial cost and trust God's extravagant grace - or is it Christianly responsible to pass by the opportunity to be at "Glory and Grace" and devote my time to paying my financial obligations here in the UK and trust that another conference and another opportunity will come? Pete Day is virtually the only long-term friend I would trust to objectively go before God and speak honestly - whether that be yes or no!

Here was the text response;

"I really think God wants you to act madly and trust His extravagance. I feel He is saying; "Go on son, enjoy yourself, let your hair down, laugh, cry, dance, have a ball! Responsibilities can wait until you return to face them with fresh glory!".

I have been well-trained enough in the prophetic to know that it is silly to act solely on one prophetic word. But this word came with such power that I sat shaking and laughing in the car - at God's "extravagance"!! I have always known I can't miss "Glory and Grace" - but for me this prophetic word from my dear friend clinched it! Hong Kong here we come!

I am taking Scott with me this year (and paying for him to go) because I sent him almost three daily emails when I was there in October telling him every detail. This year - I told him - he had to experience it for himself! And I am trusting in the thrilling fact as well that my awesome friends Julie and Lydia will be there as well! We are going to share the same hotel if the girls can be released to go and I am SO looking forward to the post-conference day fellowship as we continue glorying!

What makes it even more exciting is that in October I very much went "incognito" and didn't go and meet or introduce myself to Rob or Glenda or Ryan or Kylie or indeed anyone from City Church - even though they were aware of the "Rob Rufus blog". I am really reluctant to draw attention to myself from any Christian leaders. I've seen it happen in the church world and I hate it. It's fine if it's a "God-appointment" - very much like how Ern Baxter met William Branham. But the idea of standing in line and then shaking Rob's hand and saying; "Oh hello I'm Dan - author of Rob Rufus blog" .... EUGH!!

However I am under strict orders from all of them this year not to escape this year without saying hello! I've kind of promised. That's why I am hoping Julie and Lydia will be there, so they can drag me by the hair if necessary! I can't rely on Scott - he hates it as much as I do! Also in the course of transcribing Rob's sermons I have emailed a couple of CCI members including my fellow transcriber Heather. So I cannot wait to meet people I count as friends this year. It will really add to the glory and the wonder of God's Presence Himself - if that is possible!

Also today I brought a small laptop which I am going to be taking along with my new digital camera. We are going to stay in a hotel with internet access so my plan is to live-blog the whole thing along with pictures and videos! This conference must be heard around the globe!!

Hong Kong ... are you ready for the nations to come?!?! Are you ready for God's Presence and glory to fall like a pillar of fire?!!?


Sheila said...

I am thrilled for you, Dan! I witness with Pete's message to you - of "Go and enjoy!"

When you are able, could you email me the file with the transcript of Rob's third sermon - the part beginning in Luke 13, on your previous blog? I am sure it would print easily from a regular file, instead of a blog.

Only when you have loads of time. Heh, heh...


lydia joy said...

Oh Boy!! You are making this hard for me..............I can't back out now,, we three (4 including Scott) would be representing 3 different nations, that is exciting! I want this message to spread like rapid wild fire across the globe!!

Nick Cameron said...

I have to admit I am excited that you are going cos we get a live broadcast through your blog of what is happening.......... enjoy Dan - God's not gonna disappoint you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ursula Kuba said...

Dan, I've been putting this off. I've come on here and four times to write, over the last week, to respond to this post...and have not been able to. So instead of turning away at the tears, I'm going to write through the tears. Dan, Brave One. Go. Be so so so blessed! Get saturated, and blasted and consumed by Him. With all my heart - have the best time every, you so deserve it and it is so right for you! Won't you do me a favour though, give Fini and Isi a hug just from me, tell them its from me, and I wish I could be there, that I miss them, and couldn't be there, but could send a hug to them through you. Go be turned upside down, you are in for the best treat ever! Ok, gotta go get some tissues now!