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Arthur Wallis on Apostles and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

I spent last night sorting through my collection of New Wine and Restoration Magazines and was incredibly stirred to read two articles by Arthur Wallis. It seemed to me from my understanding that Arthur Wallis was seen as the elder and respectable statesman of the Charismatic Movement. Leaders such as Bryn Jones or Terry Virgo often came under criticism for various theological or ecclesiastical stands that they took. Arthur Wallis never seemed to - that I could read.

I know in my home church - New Covenant Church in Dunstable - Wallis was held in high esteem by Stanley Jebb and the leadership and indeed he came to speak at several of our "All Saints Nights" - celebration evenings of worship and preaching. So to find these articles on issues that are so important to me was an exciting find.

1. "Apostles" - from Restoration Magazine - November/December 1981.

A few key quotes to encourage you to read the article;

"We need to see these men as primarily those who brought the word of revelation and direction into the living situations where God was building His church ... the view that apostles and prophets have passed away, and that spiritual gifts have ceased both rest on the faulty premise that the completion of Scripture rendered them obsolete".

Arthur Wallis answers this faulty premise;

"Though we have inspired writings, we still need inspired utterances and having the Word of revelation, we still need men (and women) of revelation".

He concludes this excellent article;

"The Ephesians 4 Ministries of today are concerned primarily with an experiential foundation, one that has to be freshly laid for every redeemed community that comes into being ... for many 'Apostles today?' is nothing more than a hypothetical question. If, as we believe, the end-time shakings are upon us then the ministry of the apostles will become increasingly crucial".

I was amazed that he wrote this article in 1981 - he is addressing a perspective on apostles that is only really being preached and taught maturely recently. Proof of his unique gifting as a teacher.

2. "Baptism of the Holy Spirit" - from Restoration Magazine - March/April 1979

Once again I found this article amazingly advanced in revelatory teaching for the time in which it was written. Arthur Wallis drew on the typological teaching from Exodus - baptism in the Red Sea and in the cloud - to apply it to New Covenant life today. We need to be baptised in water just as we need to be baptised in the Holy Spirit. He said;

"God's people under the New Covenant need to be initiated into Christ as His Old Covenant people were initiated into Moses, that is by a baptism in cloud and sea. Neither water baptism nor Spirit baptism is an optional extra for the committed Christian".

One of the key words that the Word of God applies to the receiving of the Spirit is the word "upon". It seems that a lot of the more conservative church get confused with this and believe that if one has not received the Holy Spirit then it is an issue of "holiness". Arthur Wallis writes;

"The word that is used consistently and repeatedly to describe what happens in the Baptism in the Spirit but is never used simply of conversion is "upon". Th Old Testament prepares us for this. Anointing oil was poured "upon" the head of prophet, priest and king, not to make them God's people (for they were already that) but to fit them for their special service. God put the Spirit that was "upon" Moses "upon" the elders of Israel to equip them for leadership.

The Spirit coming "upon" the Lord Jesus at the Jordan was not to make Him more holy than He was - an impossibility - but that the works and words of God ... might be manifested in Him ... Later in the Acts we read how the Spirit came "upon", fell "upon" and was poured "upon" different groups of disciples. Paul reminds Titus of the "Holy Spirit that was poured upon us richly".

And Wallis asks;

"Have you had an "upon" experience of the Holy Spirit?".

I do hope both articles are of considerable interest! We dare not forget either of these two vital subjects - Apostles and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Speaking of Arthur Wallis - if anyone is interested in reading more early Charismatic material by him - I do strongly recommend looking at the "Revival Library" website - they have preserved some of the early conference notes which he hosted! Even more exciting (to me anyway!) - the "Revival Library" have carefully made available a complete collection of the Restoration Magazine - from which I have made these links available here. Only £19.99!


David Rolles said...

Many of the senior British leaders in what came to be known as the 'house-churches' and then 'new churches' would pay a strong tribute to the significant influence of Arthur Wallis.

On a different note, Dan, if you're missing any copies of 'Restoration' or 'New Wine' or 'Fulness' magazines, please let me know, as there's a fair chance I've got them.

Anonymous said...

Uh... what are you talking about "a new foundation freshly laid?"

You need to read my article:

You are confusing up the ideas that the NT Apostles and the OT Prophets had specific anointings to WRITE THE WORD OF GOD INFALLIBLY.

You nor I have this gift. The Word of God is laid down ONCE and it is the FOUNDATION OF THE CHURCH for all time.

Just because the charismatic gifts are for today does not mean this has anything to do with the fact that Scripture is SEALED.

All revelation, visions, dreams and modern prophecies must align with that Eternal Word, once given.

What about this do you not understand, and fail to understand to your peril?

Arise My Love

You can write me back at that website under that article on the Spirit of Division at Che Ahn's Church.

And here is a better article:

Bill Hamon's Strongholds for the End Time Delusion:
Mein Kampf for the Antichrist Theocracy’s-strongholds-of-the-end-time-delusion/

Don't forget that A A Allen lost his anointing after the NAR/Branhamite Paul Cunningham was sent to pull down Allen's ministry by that same demon who spoke to William Branham. Allen was divorced and drinking and dead within a few months of Cunningham's infiltration.