Monday, January 11, 2010

Ern Baxter Archives

I've been busy tonight and early into this morning scanning and making PDF files of the Ern Baxter archives. Here are some further files uploaded onto Google;

1. "The Holy Spirit in the Book of Galatians".

This file in particular is of interest. It was two monthly magazine articles from the "Evangelical Tabernacle" - a church that Dr Ern Baxter pastored in Vancouver, Canada. The articles were written in June and July 1957.

I hope that this is a project that will be on-going and I can build on throughout the year. Dr Ern Baxter and his ministry is one that should not be silent or forgotten!


Mark Heath said...

your links aren't available. have you made sure they are shared with everyone? by default, google docs are private

Dan Bowen said...

Drat! Thanks Mark, this stuff is all new to me - I'll get there!

Dan Bowen said...

Hopefully that should have fixed it, but being new to Google docs - who knows! Let me know.

Mark H said...

all working now, thanks for doing these. I've been listening to a few Ern Baxter sermons recently, and really enjoying them. Will definitely be using some of his material for a course on Salvation I am teaching soon