Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ern Baxter's Dales Bible Week 1977 Session Notes

I think if there was a short-list of historic Bible Weeks that I could attend - the Dales Bible Weeks 1976 and 1977 would be definately on them! Followed closely by Stoneleigh Bible Week 1994 and 1995. So far God hasn't granted me the power to travel back in time and experience these historic Bible Weeks (I'm guessing that the best is yet to come!) - so I mark my time by remembering and not allowing these times to be forgotten.

Tonight I made a historic discovery! I have these eight massive box files of Ern Baxter's sermon notes that I have had for years. They are so large and comprehensive that I've never had the time to sit down and work through the files page by page. As I mentioned in a previous post - I am undertaking a project to scan and upload PDF files of Ern Baxter's notes for universal enjoyment and information.


Regular readers will forgive me excitement knowing my fan membership of Ern Baxter! So I am thrilled to be able to make them available here thanks to Google Reader. It is really interesting to see the notes that Ern made for this Bible Week. You may note from the small annotations at the bottom of some pages that Ern re-preached this series at other Bible Weeks - some in the UK and some in the USA:

More notes to follow!


David Rolles said...

We were there - and were foundationally impacted by that series of Dales Weeks....

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

seriously,put away all your current Bible notes a while....and sit down with these and let the Holy Spirit give you a download.
Generally, out in the wide world of ministry....you get ministry on personal freedom and the gifts of the spirit. Or you get ministry on the Church, shaped more by "how things are" rather than the version that God builds which is from our insides out. Rarely do you get the two put alongside each other in their rightful context.I wish I could supply you with notes taken from Jorge Pradas, which I felt was the next stage: More clarity on the vision of the Church and how we enter and behave in the reality of God's heavenly Tabernacle.Jorge did not encourage note taking and the tape messages are scattered all over people's houses.He took praise and worship to the next level.Still, people are catching up now in the Key of David meetings.