Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ern Baxter on the "Laying on of Hands"

I've been thinking so much about this New Year - the hopes and passions I have for it. So much of it involves being "touched". I am always staggered by the refusal of much of the evangelical church to talk about "laying on of hands". It is mentioned as one of the basic doctrines in the book of Hebrews and why? For a reason!

Ern Baxter summed up the laying on of hands as signifying;

"Transference, transmission, impartation and identification".

Each word carries such tremendous power! There can be no greater touch than that of God Himself by His Holy Spirit - closely followed by servants - men and women who care and love you enough to lay their hands on you and impart something. I published the transcript a while back of Rob Rufus's session at "Together on a Mission 2006" - Terry Virgo called that session of particular value and significance to him.

I want to start something new this year. This website was set up in loving memory of Dr Ern Baxter and I am still pursuing ways to keep his memory alive. Thanks to Microsoft Word giving me the ability to create PDF files and I want to start making available the massive eight box folders of Ern's sermon notes I have in my library.

Here's the first - "Ern Baxter - Laying on of Hands".

May this year be one marked by encounters with God!

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