Friday, April 16, 2010

Dave Holden Blog!!

I just absolutely have to draw attention to one of (in my opinion) the unsung heroes of Newfrontiers - Dave Holden. For a couple of years Dave hasn't spoken at "Together on a Mission" - I'm at a loss to understand why. I greatly appreciate and value Dave's preaching. He speaks so simply and so easily to understand but with such profound anointing. So I always tend to be on the watch hoping that Dave comes our way - but alas, as yet, I still hope!

I was thrilled today to find that Dave Holden has his own blog run at his home church - New Community Church in Sidcup, London. He blogs as he speaks - simply yet profoundly.

A couple of blogs I want to draw attention to;

1. Writing about the Newfrontiers Prayer and Fasting event and the focus on Revival, Dave said;
" One more thing, I still believe in the importance of the restoration of the Church. My passionate prayer is that restoring the Church is not an end in itself, but is actually vital for revival. Maybe the last 40 years of restoration has all been key, for when revival comes, the church will be able to contain, channel and overflow the power of revival in an unprecedented way, which will result in amazing lasting fruit to the glory of Jesus".

2. This blog in particular awakened such a hunger and an ache within me. WHY, WHY, WHY is this attitude so rare in Christian leaders particularly in the United Kingdom? Dave wrote about "Encountering God" and said;

We held an Encounter God evening at NCC. For some time now we have felt that we do not have enough time to just wait on God and minister to one another in the things of the Spirit, so we set aside an evening to do just that. It was a wonderful time and people turned out in great numbers.

It's great to be in a church where so many want more of God. Many were refreshed in their experience of God, many more moved on in gifts of the Spirit as they were encouraged to bring words over others for the first time. We had the privilege of leading several people into the baptism in the Holy Spirit. It's such a joy to see people being overwhelmed by the Spirit for the first time and reminds me of the importance of laying hands on people to receive as well as giving them the time to really breakthrough".

3. Another subject close to my heart - Dave wrote a blog on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I've noticed that many cautious charismatic churches are now watering down the active Presence and power of the Holy Spirit. They are calling themselves "continuationist" - a subtle but definite change. Rather than identifying themselves as churches that practice and believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, they are simply identifying that they believe the gifts of the Spirit have "continued". Dave writes;

"We continue to encourage folk to contribute in all of our meetings and to expect God to use them in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. As more and more "Charismatic" churches seem to have less and less gifts operating in their public meetings and performance rather than participation seems to be the way thing are going, I want to make an impassioned plea that we continue to stay biblical and truly "charismatic " by having more participation and less performance.

Gifts are wonderful. They are not optional and they are vital for enhancing our worship of Jesus, encouraging the members of the church and for impacting the unbeliever with the reality of a living God. 1 Cor 12-14 makes little sense if the expectation was not to have the operation of the gifts in our regular meetings".

And finally - and probably for me most importantly;

"It's time for more Holy Spirit activity, not less. So let's expect more gifts to be in operation".

I really look forward to being able to benefit from Dave Holden's incredible ministry through this blog and will be following it closely. New Community Church in Sidcup have a couple of other blogs related to the church - one in particular worth a read is;

"Sermon Q and A Blog" - a chance for listeners to text in their questions to the preachers.

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