Saturday, April 17, 2010

"God's World Purposes" by Dr Ern Baxter

I wanted to make another short book by Dr Ern Baxter available called "God's World Purposes". This book(let) was a collation of three remarkable and classic sermons by Ern called;

1. The Gospel of the Garden.

2. The Gospel of the Land.

3. The Gospel of the Kingdom.

It is of constant puzzlement to me why these remarkable sermons are not more widely available and my constant prayer that someone with more financial resource and capacity than I can do this. There are some unique teachers that God blesses the earth with - and Ern Baxter was most definately one of them. Prophetic, insightful - a man who walked close with his God. Of course he was human - and made mistakes. That hardly needs even be said. Pete Day and I were discussing Ern recently when we met in London and agreeing that hints of legalism and law did creep sometimes into his sermons.

But this trivalent series is key - particularly for our day and our age. The Word of God states that the earth is groaning waiting for the "sons of God to be revealed". Whatever interpretation may be placed on that - I believe (and Ern believed) that the church needs to get it's act together and begin knowing it's identity. When we know who we are - then we will start behaving as we should.

Enjoy the document; "God's World Purposes" by Ern Baxter (let me know if it doesn't open!).

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