Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Humour Among My Heroes!!

I demand quite a bit from my heroes - anointed Spirit-filled teaching, signs and wonders are always a massive bonus, well-read, well-stocked libraries. And humour! Ern Baxter was probably the first of my heroes to make me realise that you could teach with anointing and power and yet bring the house down with laughter. But it is a rare gift. There are two extremes at large in the church. There are quite a few teachers who feel they "have" to be humerous and therefore crack jokes that frankly aren't funny. And there are those who are probably more honest, know they aren't naturally funny and don't try to be.

I really enjoyed one of Terry Virgo's latest Tweets;

"We fly to Israel today but will we be able to fly home next Tuesday or decide it's good to be here and set up 3 tabernacles?" - 6:34 AM Apr 20th via Twitterrific.

And of course - Rob Rufus. Scott always said that if Rob wasn't an apostle/prophet/pastor/teacher (whatever he is!) then he could and should be a stand-up comedian. He certainly ranks alongside Ern Baxter in being able to make sides ache with laughter! Here's an example of my favourite;

I dare not frequently disagree with Dr Martyn Ll0yd-Jones - but maybe tentatively do here when he said;

"The man who tries to be humorous is an abomination and should never be allowed to enter a pulpit".

Maybe I can excuse my humorous heroes because I think they don't try to be funny - they just naturally are!

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