Saturday, April 03, 2010

Three Classic Videos - Downs Bible Week!!

Another feature of me keeping this blog going is the issue of "never forgetting". I was chilled when a decision was taken at my home church in Dunstable to erase all audio ministry tapes that were 10 years or older - essentially all audio tapes that were recorded during the charismatic life of the church. It was hoped that by erasing the tapes that that portion of history would be forgotten (I assume). I took a decision back than to preserve and protect and keep stating the wonderful truths and revelations that God did in the past because they become amazing motivators for us as Christians to go on and believe for more.

I am tremendously grateful in particular to Newfrontiers and Terry Virgo who are so appreciative of the past and the way God has moved. They honour the past and appreciate it - but do not let it hinder their pressing forward into the future. So I was thrilled to find these three videos that have been posted - rare footage of the Downs Bible Week that was run in the 1980's.

Here they are;

If you want to see the way that Terry Virgo, Dave Fellingham, Dave Holden, Henry Tyler and the other apostles of the 80's used to dance - scroll to 6:31!

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