Monday, July 25, 2011

Larry Tomczak on the Joy of Reconciliation

I was interested in this video (thanks to Steve W) for the link where Larry Tomczak preached yesterday at Charles Schmidt's church and during the sermon made comments on the joy of reconciliation with C J Mahaney - and also Mahaney's humility in responding to his overtures and admitting wrongs - it's a good encouraging reminder that God is still at work during this difficult time for SGM!


Steve said...

It certainly was interesting to hear Larry Tomczak's comments about where C.J. Mahaney is at. Hopefully Mahaney is where Larry seems to think Mahaney is such as with a contrite heart etc.

As I have shared other places Mahaney seemed to be assuming a lot when this was part of Mahaney's confession to Covenant Life Church "but I will have the sweet joy to stand side by side with him (Larry Tomczak) again in November when he joins us as a special guest at our Pastors Conference. I hope to do the same at CLC to welcome him back. Actually when we do this I think it would be appropriate if I stand off to the side. Larry has been a wonderful example of extending forgiveness."

I question how Mahaney can assume he will be at the pastor's conference (as if it is his choice) and that there will be a pastor's ocnference. What Mahaney stated sadly showed how much he underestimated the effect his sin may have on the group. There might not even be a SGM but this fall.

Lets hope that Mahaney is as contrite as Larry seems to think he is.

Dan Bowen said...

That's a good point Steve, that did occur to me too - maybe it was an indicator when his leave of absence will be over?!

Although I was interested to notice that Mahaney is not on the speaking list for the Pastors Conference in November and not mentioned either as a host - maybe something has changed in response to events?

Steve said...


Maybe things have changed as you say. It would really be sad if Mahaney was put back in as the leader of SGM this fall. With it being shown that C.J. Mahaney blackmailed Larry Tomczak and that Mahaney hid this sin for 13 years one would think this would require Mahaney being disqualified for a significant period of time.

Dan Bowen said...


Are you noticing the same pattern I am? That these reconciliations are all being begun by the former SGM-ers?

Larry Tomczak begun the process and C J responded "Let's do it".

Brent Detweiler begun the process by sending the documents and it took that for C J to respond.

And in my situation, we heard nothing from SGM until you contacted Pat Ennis and Bob Kauflin?

I just wonder if that's a pattern or a coincidence - and a sad one at that.

I hope the outside panel will notice this.

Steve said...

Good point Dan. It sure doesn't look like reconciliation happens until someone pushes the issue. As Larry said on the video, it took a number of appeals from Larry to Mahaney before Mahaney agreed to reconciliation. It wouldn't surprise me if the only reason that the reconciliation occurred was Mahaney finally realizing that documents showing this would be released. In other words it was a preemptive move on Mahaney's part to minimize damage.

Here is an entry the Wartburg Watch published for me. It shows how Mahaney quoted and used one verse but not the next verse.

It sure looks like Mahaney was trying shield himself from any criticism.

Dan Bowen said...

I did read that post and agreed completely - quite staggering how Calvin can be used in that way! A good post definitely.

Steve said...

Thanks Dan

It would have been bad enough if C.J. Mahaney had written what he did under different circumstances. That is we now know that Mahaney had already received two of the documents from Brent. It now looks like Mahaney's attempt to cover up or justify himself in his own mind.

Dan Bowen said...

And sadly I guess the problem must be - why wouldn't he think he would cover it up? If it's been 13 years since he attempted to blackmail Larry Tomczak and he has got away with it (only the Brent documents have shared what REALLY happen - Mahaney hasn't!), then he must have thought he was invincible in a sense.

Being fair to him, I think the Board must bear some responsibility here - to allow the circle of Mahaney fans and the constant acclaim will build up that thought in his mind.

It must have been a crushing blow to discover so many were critical of his methods.

Steve said...

The board has at least two areas of complicity. One is how they allowed Mahaney to be put on such a pedestal. The documents show that this clearly when to Mahaney's head.

Also, didn't at least some of the board members know about the blackmailing for a while? If so, why didn't they call for Mahaney to step down immediately?

It is also shocking how the "independent" board reports to the SGM Board when the SGM Board still has members that allowed this to happen.

Steve said...


One other thought I had on this was to realize that Larry Tomczak's position would be to want downplay this event, especially the blackmailing issue. After all there was something that Mahaney had that he could use to blackmail Tomczak. I am sure Tomczak doesn't want to much attention drawn to this due to this issue.

It is just good to realize what perspective one is at.