Friday, July 08, 2011

Brighton Conference ... with a difference!!

Well I am really excited that this time next week we will be in Brighton having enjoyed the last "Together on a Mission" conference that will be held. However in 2005, 6 and 7 we booked to go to the whole conference and went to the packed week. The conference has always been the most powerful encounter with God that I have had - Word and Spirit combined together in power!

This year I have decided to enjoy the conference slightly differently. We are going to one session a day - namely Terry Virgo's afternoon session. On the Thursday of next week - we will also be going to the unforgettable Prayer and Offering Evening and then on the Friday (the last day of the conference) we will be going to the last session to hear Dave Holden speak and close the conference.

I have never yet been to a Brighton conference and come away untouched so am massively full of hope for what next week will bring!


Anonymous said...

Why aint you going to the full thing?

jul said...

have a great time!