Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Our Glorious Hope of Heaven!!

I took my best friend to a Janet Jackson concert recently in London. I'm not particularly a Janet fan so was quite startled to find myself crying unreservedly during her final encore song; "Together Again". Janet devoted the song to her brother Michael and during the song pictures of them came up on the screen.

The lyrics of the song say;

"Everywhere I go
Every smile I see
I know you are there
Smilin' back at me
Dancin' in moonlight
I know you are free
Cuz' I can see your star
Shinin' down on me".

The reason it so moved me was reminding me of people I have loved and have gone to glory. Hebrews speaks of "a great cloud of witnesses" - this song reminded me of that! Loved ones who are now enjoying glory and the Presence of God "smiling down on us", excited as we are used by God to accomplish His purposes. These are my nearest and dearest I think of waiting;

Val Borrows - a lady at my home church in Dunstable who was a dear friend and like a second mum. She went to heaven back in 2001;

My beloved Grandma and Grandpa;

And of course Ern Baxter - a spiritual father in the faith who went to glory in 1992;

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