Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Desperate Need for Word AND Spirit

One of the reasons I had a profound respect for the "Life in the Spirit Conference" was it's unique emphasis on reformed doctrine and charismatic experience. It is a small, not so well known conference that takes place annually in the UK and has had some well known speakers such as Terry Virgo, Ern Baxter, Roy Clements and others. My senior pastor Dr Stanley Jebb used to be on the committee and was a regular speaker.

One year back in 1987 he made this profound statement - that still holds so true;

"Neither a neglect of the words He has given or a denial of the power He provides will ultimately glorify Him. We need both! Anyone (unless they are ignorant) cannot say that the reformed camp or the charismatic camp have it all".

He was speaking on; "Reformed Doctrine and Charismatic Experience" - the one message that sums up the conference, and indeed the desperate need of the hour. I am not convinced that even these many years later that we are closer to uniting Word and Spirit but so desperately need it. Fuel and fire!

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