Saturday, July 23, 2011

Worship Songs at Together on a Mission 2011

Update: Adrian Warnock's got a more complete list here;

One of the highlights of the now-finished TOAM conference is the powerful times of worship and encounter with God led by Simon Brading and Kate Simmonds. I am so pleased that Simon posted some of the worship songs he used, so I could see what we missed in the sessions we didn't go to!

Here they are;

"Here are the songs we used at the Newfrontiers Together On A Mission conference this year.

Tuesday PM

This is Jesus Bm (Tom Lockly)
Christus Victor A (Simon Brading)
Praise the Lord oh my soul A (Graham Ord)
Agnus Dei A (Michael W. Smith)
Wednesday AM Mobilise

Our God He reigns C#m (Simon Brading)
Christus Victor A (Simon Brading)
Holy (Jules Burt, Sam Cox)
[Tom Shaw preach]
Be lifted up (Paul Oakley)
Be still for the presence (David Evans)
Wednesday PM

Psalm 40 (Simon & Anna Brading)
Mighty to save (Reuben Morgan)
Christus Victor (Simon Brading)
You alone can rescue (Matt Redman, Jonas Myrin)
Our God (Matt Redman, Jonas Myrin, Chris Tomlin)
[PJ Smyth Preach]
Blessed be Your name (Matt & Beth Redman)
There is a day (Nathan Fellingham)
How great is our God (Chris Tomlin)
Thursday AM

Psalm 40 (Simon & Anna Brading)
Our God He reigns (Simon Brading & Matt Redman)
Have You heard (Simon Brading, Graham Kendrick, Nathan Fellingham)
Spirit of the living God
All hail the Lamb
Christ in me (Nathan & Lou Fellingham)
What can I say / I’ll stand (Joel Houston)
Friday AM Mobilise

I come to be with You (Jules Burt)
Yesterday, today and forever (Vicky Beeching)
Holy (Jules Burt, Sam Cox)
Shine (Matt Redman)
What can I say / I’ll stand (Joel Houston)

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Dan Bowen said...

Oh drat, I missed Bambelela at the offering ..... ;-)