Friday, June 08, 2007

Ultimate Triumph - Part 2 Published!

I have just finished and edited transcribing the second part in Ern Baxter's 3 part series entitled "Ultimate Triumph". His first message was called "Ultimate Triumph - Prophesied in the Old Testament". In his second he undertook to begin dealing with how ultimate triumph was begun and is most definitely linked to the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ - and His life, death, and most importantly His resurrection and ascension.

One of the reasons why I believe this series is so key is because Mark Heath noted at one point that restorationists often point to and look to the Old Testament prophetic books as a Biblical apologetic for believing what we do. This can be true I think - but Ern Baxter is not guilty of this. He dealt with the Old Testament wonderful prophecies here but in this message he took time to show how it is the fact that Jesus Christ is reigning and ruling on high that gives us hope for the ultimate victory of the Church!

Jesse Phillips had a great point. Even if at the end of reading this three part series, you still remain unconvinced about the relentless march and spread of the Gospel and the Church, don't forget this;

"We don't know how the world will end, but I believe that we should be ambitious and faith-filled with respect to the effect that the gospel can have if we are faithful to preach it".

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