Friday, June 15, 2007

Terry Virgo on Word and Spirit!

I think one of the key aspects to maintaining a passion in your writing is ensuring that your reading reflects a diet of passion. Enthusiasm is contagious! Therefore I was thrilled to see that despite his busy schedule across the nations, Terry Virgo managed time to write another blog. Entitled "Word and Spirit" it was guaranteed to catch my eye straight away! Terry began by speaking of some messages and books he had been reading and then spoke of continuing awesome testimonies of healings that are breaking out in the USA. How incredible! Despite me bemoaning our danger of intellectualism in the Western world, God is still breaking out and proving that He can confound modern science!

But then Terry wrote this;

"God keeps telling us that a new era has started for us. I intend believing Him and keep on pushing the door and looking for fresh manifestations of His presence and power".

A new era has started! The promises are true! Our challenge is to keep pushing the door in faith and keep stepping out and looking for Him to move. With Together on a Mission 2007 fast approaching I believe we've got an awesome opportunity to look for fresh manifestations of His Presence and power!

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