Friday, June 15, 2007

A Rare Commodity ... Passion!

I had an awesome day yesterday! I met the pastor of an NCMI church that I am thinking about attending while I am up in Birmingham. It's called "Birmingham Church International". (If you look at the NCMI website you will see a lot of their churches have the word "International" in it - says a lot doesn't it?) The lunch was great in many respects but most awesome of all was to hear the pastor expound his vision - not just for the local area the church is in, not even for the city but for the nations! He has an incredible heart to see the Spirit of God get into the universities and from there send the Gospel back to nations all across the world. It occured to me that passion can be sometimes a rare commodity and one that is all too easily lost. The pastor admitted it himself - that he had lost his fire at one point in the ministry.

I was re-looking at the mini-series that I have written on blogging.

And this challenge faced me;

"How do we keep passion alive in our writing?".

Yes of course it is important to consider how we blog - the technical aspect of where to link and who to link to etc etc. But one of the things I loved most about the Puritan writings is how you can sense their passion for God soaking through the ages and affecting us here and now centuries later! Consider this; if by the divine will of God what we write here and now on our blogs was preserved for centuries later - what would those people make of them? Would the first thing on their minds be - "Wow - those people in 2007 were passionate for God?". Or would they be saddened at our obsession with petty secondary issues and not the glory of God?

"Writing of course is a superb means for conveying precise and accurate information. It is ideal if you want to refer back to issues for analysis and reference. But there is a drawback ... As the old adeage states; "Written words objectify - spoken words personify" ... The limitations of writing are simple. It lacks the creative breath and charisma which is at the core of all good communication".

Let's strive to convey as much passion as we can through our writing and seek to emulate the example of our fore-fathers in the faith! Speaking of which - I have just brought Rob Rufus's book; "Living in the Grace of God". When I've finished reading it I will review it. It looks set to be a life-changer!


jul said...

It's been on my mind lately to order that book. I'll do it right away now, I can't believe you've beat me to it, well, yes I can...

Passion makes people uncomfortable nowadays. I've finally learned to stop apologizing for my passion, and my husband has learned to stop too! He now values my passion for God and all things grace and won't stop me or try to soften what I'm saying to people. It's great! And funnily enough, the other night we were listening to a legalistic sermon and he definately out did me in a passionately angry response. Passion is a mark of the Holy Spirit's activity in our lives and it grieves him when we try to tone it down in fear of what people will think of us.

Dan Bowen said...

Aww well you know me by know - a bookworm! I saw it quite by chance in the Birmingham Christian bookshop. I didn't think it was widely available so snapped it up quickly!

I LOVED this NCMI pastor - one of his memorable quotes was "I ABHOR legalism!!". I knew we would be kindred spirits right away!! I couldn't agree more with your comments on passion. How can Jesus Christ say "Zeal for Your House has consumed me" and then we are meant to accept that cerebral acceptance is preferable?! Not one but both I know - but I still fear that in such a so-called intellectual society we are at a major major disadvantage to our brothers and sisters across the Third World who are still open to the Holy Spirit of God coming down on them in power.

I really do think it's that simple. We simply don't accept that the Spirit of God still can "Come down" on people. And we MUST change that!! For our very survival!!