Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dr Stanley Jebb Hits the Blogging World!!

I've just come back from a blessed day of fellowship with two childhood friends - Mark Heath and J-D Laurence - in Bristol and their respective families. We spent many happy hours discussing theology and the past and our church experiences. One of the most exciting pieces of news that Mark told me was that my prayers have been answered and my former senior pastor has given in to popular demand and has begun a website/blog!

It's here;

One of his first posts is absolute vintage Stanley Jebb - "Books and Reading". He writes;

"A minister must read. A leader must be a reader. The Apostle Paul sent for the books and the parchments (2 Timothy 4:13). But there are three obstacles to overcome if a minister is to read much: the money to buy them, the time to read them, and the choice of what to read from the vast choice available".

This emphasis from Dr Jebb was one of the things that convinced me to join Mark Heath and set up a "Quotes Blog" and read with the purpose of absorbing other men and women's wisdom and using it and not allowing said ministries to fade into history.

It will most certainly be a blog I am following and recommend it highly for readers who want a high quality, Reformed, teaching blog full of years of experience and wisdom. My parents are having them to lunch tomorrow and I can't wait to hear what was discussed!


Nick Cameron said...

Wow - I will have to keep an eye out on this one!
Glad you got to catch up with Mark and J-D.
Nick x

Anonymous said...

This man is not a bad preacher at all. However, his son in law is awful and could probably do with a good bible class. Enough said.

Dan Bowen said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for comment - which son in law do you mean?

The one in Portsmouth or the one up north (Liverpool or somewhere?)

Anonymous said...

Stanley Jebb is a moron. When is he going to die and make the world a better place? He is hated by many. Didn't he leave Dunstable under a cloud - I.e. get kicked out cos he caused too many problems. Dan, don't you remember the massive house he bought in Eaton Bray with the churches money. Well dodgy.