Sunday, April 12, 2009


I was going to wait before posting this - but I can't keep it in any LONGER!!


I had an absolute miracle happen to me two days ago. I was driving home blearily from work and Scott rang up - which I thought was rather unusual. Fearing it was an emergency I answered and he told me he had been on the internet bank borrowing some money from me. And a rather large payment of money had gone into my account from the Children's Hospital - and he thought he ought to warn me! I wasn't expecting one as I haven't been able to work for them for almost four months due to my community nursing commitments. I initally feared that it was another error of overpayment which I would have to pay back.

But then my payslip arrived and it turns out it was a tax rebate! I've never had a rebate before and certainly never one so large. The funny thing is that I've had some quite large outgoings in the last few months and I have been worrying about it. This payment more than covers all my outgoings and then some!! I've had the whole area of finances on my mind - especially with Rob Rufus's transforming teaching - but now it is actually coming true! A gift from my glorious, wonderful heavenly Father!!

And the most exciting thing is that I've been planning with Him how to invest it in His Kingdom and asking His thoughts on where He wants it going. He gave it and it's all His anyway!! I've always feared that I have the potential to be selfish which is why I suspected that God's never allowed me to have money! But when it's actually there - wow the thrill of investing into His Kingdom and His mission! Where on earth is the fun of spending it on myself when that gift can go to China or to London?!

What can I say? Every time I think about what a complete God-send it is, what an extravagant gift of love from my wonderful Saviour - my tears start flowing (call me a wuss - I don't care!) and I am just lost for words. This wonderful beautiful song from Grapevine (an awesome Bible Week in the United Kingdom) sums it up ... perfectly;



Nick Cameron said...

Dan - this is awesome. God is so good to provide for you!
It reminds me of something I learnt from Biblical Hebrew:- commonly Jehovah Jireh is said to mean God will provide or God the provider. The word Jireh is from the family 'to see' so in fact Jehovah Jireh means that God will see to it - so much more personal I think! So Dan - God has seen to it for you and He will 'see to it' in every area. Awesome - bless you lots and lots! Nick

lydia joy said...

Yay God!!! Ursey called it - she said you were gonna get a breakthrough soon!! I am SO happy for you!!!

He always provides, always!!!

Jamie said...

Why are we SURPRISED by a loving Husband's OVERWHELMING love & care for us?? I always wonder.

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

Real stuff! That's the second rebate testimony in less than 2 weeks. How many know rebates don't just happen....or at least their timing is always significant.

Sheila said...

I am so glad for you, Dan! How the Father cares about you...