Monday, April 20, 2009

Ern Baxter on Righteousness and EXPERIENCE!!

Here's the third video clip that I've got so far. I do apologise for the poor quality - for some reason the DVD wouldn't play on the TV so I had to try it out on my laptop. I think the essence of the message comes across though. Once again Ern is just so naturally funny (unlike other preachers who seem to "try" just a bit too hard) - and it really brings the whole message to life!

But he notes an important lack in charismatic life - that sometimes the essential doctrines of justification by grace alone through faith alone can get neglected for the enjoyment of experience. Historically the church has indulged in two gross errors. One is to despise the charismatic neglect of such doctrines and revert to a dead, dry formalism where grace is really a misnomer and legalism tends to creep in. The other is to despise the doctrines of grace and enjoy the day to day experience. The truth that Rob Rufus among others are restoring to the church is that these doctrines bring life and freedom and liberty and actually release a greater glory of experience that lasts!


Jon Sidnell said...

Hey Dan

Good clip! That may even be the first clip of Ern's preaching I've actually seen - makes me wish I'd seen him live!!

I've got a cheeky request if you've got a spare 45 minutes or so in your MP3 schedule :) As someone who's "on board" with the grace revolution that's happening at the moment, could you give my preach from yesterday a listen? It's called "Self-righteousness and God's gift of righteousness" (guess where I got the title!), and I've linked to the MP3 from my blog ( I guess I'd just value some feedback from someone who knows what should be said about this!!

Cheers & God bless

Dan Bowen said...

Hey Jon!!

I'd be glad to listen - will certainly let you know my thoughts such as they're worth!!