Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ern Baxter on Romans and Abraham!!

Here is the second video clip I've discovered of Ern addressing the key figure of Abraham. I never really appreciated the role that Abraham played in redemptive history until I saw him through revelation through Rob's ministry earlier in the year. Since then everything just seems to make "sense"! Words like "righteousness" and "faith" have stopped carrying condemning connotations and now carry excitement and vision and hope!

I have been reading "Five Views on Law and Gospel" and found it an interesting read in comparing the different ways that theology views the place of the law. But I found it disappointing to see that one theologian wrote of Abraham;

"Even though he (Abraham) did not receive the Decalogue, he kept the law of God ... It is important to note that the "father of faith" was a law keeper".

It seems to me that the Bible is pretty clear that Abraham walked with God apart from law - hence why he truly is the "father of faith" - (Romans 4:13, 4:16, Galatians 3:17 (law came 430 years after Abraham!), 3:18 and so on)

I love the way Ern deals with Abraham and brings his encounter with God to life - again his preaching style and humour so reminds me of Rob and vice versa!

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Anonymous said...

"What did He die for? Your goodness?"

THAT'S it exactly!! The Savior didn't come to seek and save the healthy. But the needy. And the sick. So why does the Church spend so much time and effort trying to pretend we are "okay" and "fine"?