Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Arrogant or Intimate?!

I am hugely enjoying living with Kathryn Kuhlman at the moment. Traditionally my background is Reformed/Charismatic and very definately complimentarian where women preachers and teachers are viewed with suspicion as exceeding their authority. But having heard Rob Rufus speak so highly of Kathryn Kuhlman - I have been on the lookout for a good biography of her hence have been enjoying Jamie Buckingham's "Daughter of Destiny - The Only Authorised Biography of Kathryn Kuhlman" and my resulting thought here why some don't get healed.

Last night I read this incident. Pastors were trying to pressurise Kathryn Kuhlman into having counsellor-follow-up at her ministry meetings and when they found they couldn't control her, they began withdrawing support. Buckingham wrote this;

"As a parting shot, Dr Farah wrote Kathryn four pages of caustic advice. She blew up. "I have to do it my way" she blazed at Ralph Wilkerson. "I am the only one who knows the direction of the Holy Spirit in those miracle services".

At first when I read that I was a bit taken aback. But the more I read it and thought about it, the more amazed I was. What a claim! What if we lay aside our cynicism for a minute and believe that. What if she walked in such intimacy with the Holy Spirit and was so fiercly protective of Him being quenched that she could say such a thing? And then of course I applied it to myself - could I even come close to saying that? Any church or conference meetings I go to - could I say I know the direction of the Holy Spirit?

Ern Baxter used to describe it as an eagle hovering in mid-air waiting for a warm updraft of air and then when you catch it, soaring high. I personally am inclined to believe that Kathryn Kuhlman was a pioneer walking in such sensitivity with the Holy Spirit that she did know the direction He wanted to go. She had maybe no theological skills to speak of (according to her biographer) but she knew what the most important Person in that room wanted and wanted to follow Him at all costs. How about us?


Jon Sidnell said...

Hmmm, pertinent thoughts Dan.

God's been saying some things and stirring up some desires that have probably been dormant for quite a while now, and this fear of being seen as arrogant is definitely something that needs shirking off! It's really just fear of man in a slightly-more-subtle way because we'd be prone to accuse ourselves of arrogance if we thought such things ourselves - especially as good Brits!

I say stuff it (the fear of man that is!), and let's push in for deeper intimacy that provokes God's people to jealously seek Him too. I want to learn how to live in the glory, and then how to lead others in too, and fear of pride and arrogance can't stop that - especially knowing that it's all of grace anyway!!

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

imagine those days folks.
There were many who knew some kind of baptism in the Spirit....but so few who walked in miracle power intimacy.

Whatever you all think of Morris Cerullo-exactly the same occured when he ran the London meetings in the 90s. The english generally don't get him. many ministries like Maurice Smith abhor him.
It's this 3rd person reference to himself they just don't get. Kuhlman behaved in a similar fashion.

Here's the tagline. it's a simple equation. If you see a minister referring to themselves in the 3rd person and miracles happen all around them....and a normal English ministry with his "fake humility" referring to himself as Joe Bloggs trying to do the will of God- but no miracles. Who are you going to go with? Surely the proof is in the power.

Sorry this is the tagline- A ministry - if genuine and not just trying to look pompous- will refer to himself in the 3rd person because God has so broken him like Jacob- that he knows he/she really is just a vessel- just a tool that God may choose to use. He has no life in himself...so to make that clear to folk and to oppose the normal human delusion that we are self-operating beings these servants of God do appear to act and speak strangely. Jesus always said similar things in case anyone got any weird ideas. "I only do what I see My Father doing."