Saturday, June 06, 2009

Why Some Don't Get Healed ...

I am enjoying reading a biography of Kathryn Kuhlman's at the moment and I read this portion last night. The whole issue of signs and wonders and miracles - especially when God doesn't heal - has been on my mind a lot. I read this and it made so much sense. Why DO we always demand answers from God?!

"Most of us have our own personal interpretations of how God should run the universe - based on our own limited personal experiences. Kathryn on the other hand, defied all tradition. She defied the boxes men tried to fit her into. When asked why many who were sick left her service unhealed, she would just shake her head and say; "I don't know - I just don't know". In fact she once said that the very first question she wanted to ask Jesus when she got to heaven was, "Why were some not healed?".

The theologians had answers. Hundreds of them. But the theologians never saw miracles. Kathryn, who was one of the greatest instruments of the miracle power of the Holy Spirit had no answers. "I have no healing virtue", she said over and over again. "I cannot heal a single person. All I do is preach faith. God does the healing. Whom He heals and whom He chooses not to heal is His business. I am, but His handmaiden".

I think that simple faith in God is the key! Stop demanding that we understand God and His ways and just start walking and trusting Him!

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