Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Supremacy of our God!!

I must admit I am continually finding the supremacy and almighty power of our God to be such a complete and utter rest during these times. I hate the fact that I seem to be a person who lets circumstance throw me off discipline. I don't mean that legalistically. What I mean is that I hate when I get depressed or upset or get struggling that I stop transcribing awesome sermons and find it so hard to get into activities that I know will bless and benefit me such as going to church!

The only thing that I can do - it seems - is worship and rest and bask in worship.

And then it occured to me. Maybe that's the point! Maybe that's what God actually wants - just to rest and stop striving and let Him do what He does best. So I've been completely basking in worship albums over the past few days and while I've been down in Bristol at Ma and Pa Bowen's for the Father's Day weekend. Mainly "Salvation's Song". And this wonderful video from Phatfish at Newday.

I hope my energy and enthusiasm will come back very soon - I detest feeling lazy! But until then the fact remains - He is so worthy of worship! And I am thrilled to find a video that carries the entire beautiful Stoneleigh recording of "Before the Throne". I tried but could only capture it in three. Here's the entire thing;

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Peter Day said...

Wonderful videos... so inspiring and stirring!