Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Faith in a Good God!!

I don't know about anyone else but faith in God is easy when life is okay. When trials are minimal and life isn't a challenge then it is easy to believe in a good God! But when life is hard and God seems to be distant, then it can be hard to keep believing, keep the faith. Human behaviour seems to be to try and "rush" those hard times. But Terry Virgo wrote today;

"Delay is not like the commercial time on TV – time to flick through the channels; time for short-term distractions until returning to the plot. Delay is part of the plot! Delay is God’s way of proving you, testing you to see what’s in your heart".

I've been typing up some of the sessions from the Dales Bible Week 1977 for a friend and Ern Baxter also spoke on faith.

"God is constantly saying to you and me when we are frightened or when our faith is low, he is saying – remember! I made those stars! I made the petals of that flower! I made the magnificent machine of your body! He is constantly reminding us that He is the God of creation and as the God of creation; He challenges my faith to believe Him! What better ground of faith have I than a God who not only made all things but who upholds them by the consistency and integrity of the Word of His authority".

That's why I think it is so advisible for those who do suffer with depression to get out at least once a day and walk somewhere. Just seeing creation! Just seeing the works of God's hand! Just seeing all this reminds us that God is still in total charge and sovereign control of the universe and we are safe in His hands. You can't get better anti-depressant therapy than that!