Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Brief Interlude! Sam Storms on CD ...

I promise I am still working transcribing the interviews between Dr Ern Baxter and Bishop Earl Paulk. However I noticed an exciting new development on Dr Sam Storm's website; "Enjoying God Ministries". He has made a number of his ministry audio CD's available! Having heard him in the flesh at Life in the Spirit conference, he is well worth hearing for real. The CD's available are:

A Seminar on Convergence: Reflections on Word and Spirit at Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota (3 CD Set)

Experiencing the Glory of the God-Man (2 CD Set)

The Wonder of Worship (5 CD Set)

Pursuing Prophecy (5 CD Set)

The Singing God (1 CD Set)

Joy’s Eternal Increase: Jonathan Edwards on the Beauty of Heaven (1 CD Set)

The Goodness of God (1 CD Set)

Money, and the Divine Dynamics of Giving (1 CD Set)

Shopping is free and he accepts Paypal - so there really is no excuse to hear this awesome man who so embodies the principles of Word (Reformed Doctrine) and Spirit (Charismatic Experience). He is a complete hero of mine and I will certainly be buying! Most probably beginning with "Pursuing Prophecy"!

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Ollie said...

Useful resources! Thanks for the pointer here - I haven't heard Storms before so I will look forward to dipping in if I can afford it!