Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Prophecies from Together on a Mission 2006!

One of the CD's that arrived in my package this morning from Newfrontiers was the "Prophetic Words" CD. The presence of the prophetic was unusually powerful at the conference and I am so blessed and stirred to be able to revisit and hear what God said to us as a people.

I am therefore transcribing some of the words that spoke unusually powerfully to me over at my "Spirit of God!" blog. I have put the first prophecy on there from Terry Virgo. It was an incredibly powerful call to face up to the different value systems of the coming Kingdom as opposed to the world in which we live.

I should add that it was been proven true and is already having effect in my life. Terry said at one point that: "I am making decisions about finance and all kinds of issues that are perfectly lined up with this Kingdom". God is taking me through a very difficult time regarding finances but it is clear to me from this prophetic word that He wants me to be debt free from the world so that I can devote my time and my finances to His Kingdom and His mission.

Praise God for the prophetic! Don't miss some of the words that are going to be written here in the coming days.

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