Friday, August 18, 2006

Helped by Hugh!

As many of you may know it has been my constant dream to be able to publish complete files of Ern Baxter's ministry on the net. While I do and will continue to publish the audio messages and interviews and articles in parts, I like the idea of having a complete accessible PDF file that can be accessed instantly, downloaded and printed. My friend Hugh Griffiths has helped me immeasurably to work through some ideas and has posted a trial on Google Base.

I am thrilled to report that the outstanding message "Thy Kingdom Come!" preached by Ern at the Kansas City Shepherds Conference is now available here.

*Update! - 19:30*

I've been experimenting and have gone on to make two files available on this Google Base resource.

The Ern Baxter Archive in Print which I posted about a few days ago can be found here.

Some selected photos of Ern Baxter that I put on this site from time to time can be found here.

If this seems popular and helpful then hopefully Hugh and I will make more material available this way.

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