Thursday, August 03, 2006

"Three Discourses" between Dr Ern Baxter and Bishop Earl Paulk.

I have been listening to and enjoying intensely a very powerful series of tapes by Ern Baxter entitled; "The King, the Kingdom and the Holy Spirit Conference" - where he spoke at Earl Paulk's church. The message entitled; "The Serious Neglect" that I have just transcribed and published on the website is from that conference and it is available here - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

The final tape of the conference is very exciting! At the end of each day of the conference, Bishop Paulk interviewed Ern Baxter and they had a very interesting time of discussion and answer - so there are three "discourses" altogether. Those who have read the transcript of interviews called "Life on Wings" will know that I am a huge fan of the interview technique with Ern Baxter. In an interview, men of God often reveal different insights and thoughts into the Word of God and the Kingdom of God that don't come across in a more prepared and presented sermon. This is because they give more spontaneous and often off-the-cuff responses to the questions.

I will therefore be working on transcribing those said "discourses" and publishing them here during the course of this week. These dicussions again are material that I just cannot keep to myself on a dusty audiotape! Ern Baxter's responses to the questions MUST be heard and read!

PS: I have transcribed another of other interviews with Dr Ern Baxter and some of his brothers - Charles Simpson, Don Basham, Derek Prince and Bob Mumford. They can be found here:

- "God of Surprises" - An interview with Dr Ern Baxter with particular reference to his passion for the remarriage of Word and Spirit and the belief in a God of sovereign surprises.

- "Seeking the Lord" - An interview with Ern Baxter during August 1986.

- "Concerning Shepherding" - Ern Baxter speaks out on his reflections on the somewhat controversial yet still biblical principles of shepherding and discipleship.

- "Before the Throne" - Ern Baxter interviewed on worship.

- "The Principles of Transition" - Ern Baxter, Don Basham, Charles Simpson and Bob Mumford give their wise and experienced insights into change and what it can do for our lives.

- "Declaring God's Purposes" - Ern Baxter sketches out his cosmic view of the big God and the life-changing revelation that God and His Church will win and the future is glorious!


Sheila said...

I'm baaaaaack! *smile and smile again*

After some computer woes, navigating somewhat treacherous church-related waters (which SO saps my energies - makes me set aside the things I love, in order to angst over things I hate: things like pettiness, and divisive APCRAY...yes, I do speak Pig Latin fluently. ;-) And I should never set aside the things I love, like: long walks and great books and Dan's blog and petting teacup poodles...I should never set those things aside to angst over enemy fire.)

Anyhow, the wounded soldier-woman has returned, and I see you've been busy, my friend! I have MUCH MUCH reading to catch up on! I don't know whether to squeal with glee, or groan....all I know is I can't pass up a word of ANY of it. And I'm WEEKS behind. Any comments I'd have would be so after the fact...

...which brings me to a question. What do I do with a very late, very after the fact, yet savvy, witty, stupid, helpful, or moronic comment I might have? Would anyone even read or care, if said comment were posted TONIGHT, on some blog from a week ago?? Do I keep it to myself? Do I "Put a sock in it", to use a favorite line I use on my kids?? (They think I'm hilarious - it is all in good fun.)

I'm still a bit new to blogdom - Dan's blog and one other are the only ones I keep up with regularly. (Hey - I'm a pastor's wife with four kids. I'm insanely busy. But I don't have a narrow world view, because I also watch Fox News a LOT, plus read my Bible, read "The Classics", do my own writing, and advise President Bush weekly. Just joking about the President part, but the rest is true.)

I'm off to do as much reading as humanly possible for one sleepy woman, at ten at night. Dan, I eagerly await the answer to my question - which, though I posed it "tongue in cheek", it REALLY IS a serious question.

Baxter's Boy said...

You, my dear friend, form a short list of people who's comments I value so so highly! You, Jul, Luke, Mark, Don, Dr B. So you have complete freedom to post whatever comments you like, whereever you like and about whatever you like!! :)

And I mean that seriously. It's great to have you back! You've been missed.

jul said...

Yay, Sheila's back! I thought you might have been on vacation-I'm sorry it wasn't that. Well, welcome back anyway, I missed you.

James B said...

Steady guys ... you'll be forming a T4HS blog before we know it ... ;)

(That's Together for the Holy Spirit btw).

Sheila said...

THANK you for the "welcome back", Jul and Dan! T4HS sounds good to me, at this point. Why? Because I've read, last night and this night, some of the BEST stuff I've read in awhile - and it all points to the Holy Ghost, and His place in human history, which is a "now" place, a primary place.

This whole thing of history not being circular, but rather linear - God being the beginning, middle, and end - I've taught this. I've just never considered how it applies to WHERE we are in the continuum of time. "In the fulness of time", as Scriptures say, we've reached this place of the Holy Spirit being poured out - of HIM being THE agent in the earth.

I'm also enjoying Ern Baxter's balanced views on reformed theology. I'm a reformed believer in my theology, with a few caveats as well - like Ern himself seems to have had a few caveats. My husband has had many bad experiences with reformed pastors and teachers - and though he is also foundationally reformed in his doctrinal positions, he has come to some rock solid, pretty astounding conclusions all on his own- Biblical conclusions that sometimes refute, and at other times "take to task" the deadness of some of the hyper-reformed positions ....and these statements I've heard him make sound VERY much like Ern Baxter himself. He'd never heard of Ern Baxter until I showed him Dan's blog.

I have yet to point that out to him...that Ern said some of the same sorts of things. It'll be interesting to see his reaction. I think he thinks HE thought of it first. ACK!

All in all, I've *never* heard of this "neglect of the resurrection" quite like Ern teaches it. I'm thrilled at how well read Ern seems to have been - how well researched his conclusions.

This is the sort of thing I need to *absorb*....over time. I need to read it again and again. I need to examine it carefully. I'm more clear than ever now about Ern's position on the blood and the cross, and it seems increasingly plausible to me.

Jul - I read your blog about the New Frontiers conference. I didn't leave a comment - I'm sorry about that, because I should have. I got distracted. I, too, hate that you didn't get to hear Terry Virgo as much as you'd hoped to hear from him. Did you get the CD's of the session(s) you missed?

Have a blessed weekend, all!

Baxter's Boy said...

My friends over at "Without Borders" told me that their apostle - a wonderful man called Keri Jones - spoke of Ern Baxter. Of course Keri knew of Ern back in the original days when he was ministering at the Dales Bible Week. And they said something to the effect that Keri felt that Ern Baxter was hugely prophetic for his generation. I hope that's about right and I'm not misquoting!

But in transcribing some of this material I STILL feel that Ern Baxter is prophetic for our generation even though its been twenty or so years since he went to glory!

Which is why I feel so urgently that this material must be produced and taken off the audiotape where it has a limited audience and onto an international accessible forum somewhat like this.

His material on Cross and Resurrection is hugely relevant for our day. I think particularly Jul and I relate to this - and Don as well! But many Reformed men and women will see truth in this. The whole wonderful picture of "Transition" that he painted - and yet we have chosen to zero in on a particular point ... why?

Sheila you are absolutely right, this stuff needs meditating on again and again! I would like to hunt down the Richard Gaffin book that Ern mentioned actually. "Resurrection and Redemption". My only knowledge of Gaffin is his anti-baptism Holy Spirit material so it will be great to get something of his that I actually agree on!! :)

T4HS eh?! Well why stop at a blog? We could really take this to town and have a yearly conference (bi-annual just isn't quite enough), we could publish a book, we could get some famous guest speakers in. Maybe now is the time for God to restore the gift of raising people from the dead. It would be somewhat fab to have Ern Baxter and Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones make their return at this point wouldn't it?! ;)

I join Sheila in praying for a good weekend for all! May God "suddenly from heaven" come down and visit your churches in encounter that just changes lives!