Monday, August 14, 2006

Archive of Dr Ern Baxter in print!

While I think the blog format has a great deal of use for circulating a ministry such as Ern Baxter's, the typed and printed word still remains my favourite. Furthermore I recently sent Greg Haslam, pastor of Westminster Chapel in London, copies of all the video ministry of Ern that I have on DVD. He wrote back and said; "I would urge you to try and transcribe more material in the format that you have ... I have always regretted the paucity of Ern Baxter's material in print". As I said once before, one does not lightly ignore Greg Haslam!

Since there is now a considerable amount that I have transcribed on this website, I have edited it and compiled it into a typed and bound book of about 140 pages. I would be delighted to send copies of it to whoever shares my love for the typed and printed word. If it would be easier, I can easily send it as an email attachment so that you can print it out and bind it at your leisure. Here is a table of contents of the sermons, interviews, articles that are in the book.

Part A: Sermons by Dr Ern Baxter.

“Thy Kingdom Come!”
“The Spirit and the Word”
“The Government of God”
“The Land – Located and Described”
“The Kadesh Crisis”
“Sovereign Surprises”
“Baking Cakes Without a Word”
“Laying Church Foundations”
“A Serious Neglect” – Forgetting Resurrection”

Part B: Interviews with Dr Ern Baxter.

“God of Surprises” – Dealing with Spirit and Word
An Interview with Ern Baxter – August 1986
“Before the Throne” – Ern Baxter on worship.
An Interview with Baxter, Simpson, Mumford and Basham.
“Declaring God’s Purposes” – Interview with Ern Baxter.

Part C: Articles by Dr Ern Baxter.

“A Demonstration of His Glory” – Ern Baxter reporting on his apostolic visit to the United Kingdom in 1977 including the Dales Bible Week.

“The Kingdom of God becomes reality through the Holy Spirit”
“The Gift of Prophecy”
“Sealed with the Holy Spirit”
“The Holy Spirit as Dew”
“The Holy Spirit as a Dove”
“The Holy Spirit as Holy Anointing Oil”
“The Holy Spirit as the Dynamic of the New Covenant”
“The Holy Spirit as Fire”
“The Charismatic Crisis – Is the Party Over?”
“The Earth is the Lord’s”.
“The Fear of the Lord”

Part D: Autobiographical and Biographical Material about Dr Ern Baxter.

“Autobiographical Sketches”


Hugh Griffiths said...

Is there no end to your sharing of this brilliant material ....!
I would love to receive an email copy and will of course be happy to convert it to PDF if that would be helpful to you or any of your readers.
Once again, many thanks on behalf of your many readers who are profiting from Ern Baxter's ministry through your work of transcription and publishing.

P.S. Excellent idea to send the material to Greg - having met him in Winchester, I know he is a key man in this generation for progressing the 'word and spirit' agenda, particularly here in the UK.

Baxter's Boy said...

Wow quick off the mark Hugh!! Awesome!! I have emailed you with the complete transcript - let me know if any problems and hope that it blesses you hugely!! :)

James B said...

I would absolutely second Hugh's words about Greg Haslam being a key man for pushing forward the "Word and Spirit" agenda. He is a man of sufficient theological depth and yet still being so open to the Spirit that the potential is huge. And he is a fan of Ern Baxter! Awesome. Surely it is so vital that he receives everything possible that is available on Ern Baxter to encourage him in his vision and pioneering in this area.

Gavin White said...

I would love to recieve this, thanks again Dan for your willingnes to share the teaching and revelation that God gave Ern Baxter

Baxter's Boy said...

Can't wait for you to have it Gavin! Would you like it in bound format? If so - do email me your address or I can send it to your church? If not, let me know your email address and I will send you the attachments!

Baxter's Boy said...

Sorry didn't see that I already have your email address - so sent the attachments to your church email address!!

AcousticJS said...

I would love to receive an email copy of it. I'm sadly too young to have even experienced Baxter's ministry "in the flesh", let alone remember it, but the work you're doing in transcription is the next best thing!

My email is

Baxter's Boy said...

Hi Acousticjs! :)

Nice to hear from you - I've sent the email and attachments straight away. Really hope that you enjoy it!

I too only just experienced Ern's ministry in 1991 when I was ten and so only have memories of this "great man" who came to our church and preached for a long lonnng time!

Again great to hear from you and keep coming back! :)

fretboarder said...

Dan! Please send this to me too!
Dave Skip

Baxter's Boy said...

Hi Dave! Emailed today with the book - hope you enjoy! Do circulate it to anyone you think might be interested!

fretboarder said...

Cheers Dan... and I will forward it on, thanks!

jul said...

I would also like to be e-mailed. Do you have my address?

Baxter's Boy said...

Yes I think I've got it from one that our friend Don sent to us both! I will check and get back to you! :)