Friday, May 25, 2007

Get Your House in Order!

I've been challenged that I'm getting my blogging confused in the excitement of the "charismatic resurgence" we are seeing. My reason for setting up the oft-neglected "Spirit of God!" blog was as follows;

Sunday, July 09, 2006 - "Those who follow "Life on Wings" with any regularity know that every now and then I have diverted from the aim of that website - which is to publish as much of the ministry of Dr Ern Baxter as I can humanly manage - into waxing lyrical about my passions of the Holy Spirit, His Person and Ministry. I hope by running this blog, I can free up more space there for more of Dr Ern Baxter's ministry - and write here without guilt!"

The lady-friend concerned informed me (in an effort to serve me of course in the context of the local website) that I was publishing blogs about the Holy Spirit on "Life on Wings" NOT on the "Spirit of God!" and felt therefore that I was forgetting what each blog was about.

So in an effort to put this right, I have drafted the following post; "A List of Online Resources for the Charismatic Resurgence!" on the Spirit of God! blog. It is based on the "Charismatic Pillowfight" blog and is intended to be cumulative. I aim to add to it every time I read a blog from a charismatic website that adds to this groundswell that I feel - that faith is being stirred and our expectations are growing.

I would deeply appreciate comments pointing me to blogs and posts that I have missed, as I would love this to become a resource for anyone who, like me, desperately wants God to come visit His Church and our land in power once again.


jul said...

Dan have you come across this blog yet?

It's written by an Assemblies of God pastor (I think) and looks pretty interesting though I haven't read lots yet.

Anonymous said...

I see your still taking swipes at the Sovereign Grace use of language.

Peter Day said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Peter Day said...

Sorry, anonymous I don't know what you are getting at.

Dan, please keep your list updated; it's going to be excellent.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone stopped to wonder why the author of this blog never responds to questions from me? Why does he always hide behind his so-called "friends" to leave them to answer for him? Does he not have a voice?

Scott said...

My lord anonymous - you really are a tired, one-track record aren't you? For someone who's meant to be constantly glorying in the Cross and being amazed by grace while dwelling on indwelling sin, you spend a lot of time and effort nit-picking and criticising. Your observations haven't been requested here and they really aren't welcome.

You will know if you read this blog carefully that dan doesn't (and has said he doesn't) bother responding to anonymous comments unless they are for a good reason. No one is quite sure why you are anonymous and persist in remaining so.

I'd follow the council of John Piper if I were you and get a life. Or go study the Cross a bit more.

Peter Day said...

I believe we must be careful not to respond in like manner with the anonymous comments. A gentle answer turns aside wrath. Our Lord responded with great patience (and yet firmness) to the extreme pharisaism of his day and we must do the same.

Basically, Dan has chosen not to respond to anonymous comments unless the person has given a good reason why they remain anonymous. He is in good company. Dr Lloyd-Jones did not open anonymous letters.

Sadly we are not given the option of reading or not. However, as Dan's friends (the quotation marks are unnecessary because we are genuine friends), we love him in Christ, we value his ministry through this blog and so we are delighted to speak the truth in love to those who would oppose.

As I have said previously, I will be very happy (and I know Dan will) to engage in constructive discussion to edify one another and to grow in understanding of God's most holy Word, and its application to our lives and His church.

I urge that we all submit our hearts and minds to the gracious Spirit of Christ and that every comment is made here for edification that it might impart grace to the hearers - or readers.

Baxter's Boy said...

Amen Pete.

The fields are white unto harvest, but the labourers are few. Especially when they are squabbling in an ungodly fashion.

I don't want to turn the feature that allows anonymous comments off, because I do want to allow that facility - should some people genuinely want to make a point but keep their identity private for valid reasons.

However if these comments keep going on and detracting from what I'm trying to do on this blog, then I will have to.

I've said before to someone who felt they should be my "conscience" that I didn't want to become a source of irritation to them and suggested they go find other blogs that would edify them. I hope the gentleman in question may consider doing the same and devoting his time to the ministry God has called him to.

Let's focus on the vision before us and not become distracted. There is a world to be won for Christ! Jesus Christ has asked and received the nations of the world! (Psalm 2). The land lies before us! It's time to go!

James said...

Agreed with Peter's wise pastoral counsel. On the other hand I can appreciate Scott's frustration. It seems there is no reasoning with this anonymous bloke and it's interesting he seems to crop up and pick up on the slightest mention of SGM when the whole context of the blog was nothing to do with that at all. I actually appreciate Dan's sense of humour. I recognise the references to "serving in the context" as a tongue-in-cheek comment that's more funny that not.

In genuine concern, Anonymous are you so insecure that you feel you constantly have to be protecting something that hasn't (as far as we know) asked for or needs protection?

I would second dan's call - let's leave this squabbling and focus on the great mission before us. Brighton TOAM is approaching! I was riveted by Sarah D's report of Prayer and Fasting and it has only served to dramatically increase my hunger for the Presence of God when we gather!!

May that place be packed out!! And may the Spirit of God fall as soon as Terry raises his hands in prayer at the opening session and says (as I am sure he will) "Come Holy Spirit" or "Welcome holy Spirit".

Dr Annette Marshall said...

Speaking of SGM, I found this 3 page article on the net which may be of some interest to those following the background to PDI-SGm. It's by a man I haven't heard of before, but apparantly he was involved with Larry Tomczak and Mahaney.

His name is Charles Schmitt. He refers on the 2nd page to a painful split between Larry and Mahaney - but also speaks of the growing concern about the fellowship (presumably now Covenant Life church run by Joshua Harris) being "exclusive and sectarian".

It says he is reconciled happily now to Larry T but no mention of Mahaney. I know Don (a friend of yours) knows quite a bit of background to the CLC church. Maybe he has heard of this man but I thought I would offer the link in case it is of any interest.

Anonymous said...

That's quite a distressing and disturbing article Annette. Thanks for pointing it out. I must confess that as a cynic of the newer churches I do see the danger for exclusivism and sectarianism and its upsetting to see that it's still alive and well. What makes it distressing more than anything is that it happens among people who should know better! We above all have experienced the grace of God and yet can be the legalistic of all - worse than the heathen.

May God forgive us and save us.

Dr S A J B

James said...

I've just had a thought. I've realised why Anonymous man is so uncomfortable. I read this quote from Tim Challies article on blogging;

"This is a reality that makes many Christians uncomfortable. After all, the Bible is clear about the importance of leadership and leadership that is duly-appointed and properly-qualified. We only have to read Titus and Timothy to realize that, within the church, God has dictated that there must be very clear patterns of leadership and authority".

This Anonymous guy is a Christian leader (I think) who is used to exerting great amounts of control and authority over the people he leads. And what he hates here is the fact that he has no authority whatsoever. Despite his best efforts he cannot govern what is being written. Such is the nature of blogging.

Maybe I'm wrong - but it just struck me when I read that. Open fire anonymous!!

Nathan Smith said...


I leave this message only to clarify a point. It seems that I am being accused of leaving negative anonymous comments on your blog. Let me be clear with you, this is not me.

Thank you for your understanding. Please pass this on to your friends (James & Scott) who seem to think they know me, and that I would do this.

I trust this clears up this point. Perhaps the anonymous person would step forward.

Baxter's Boy said...


As far as I can establish, I don't think anyone is accusing you of being the anonymous person - to my knowledge your name has never been mentioned on this blog - and I am sorry you feel people are seeing you this way.

Running a blog yourself now, you must be aware that there is little control over the comments that are left and what is said, however conclusions will always be drawn whether they are accurate or whether they are wrong.

My friends will draw their own conclusions from what has been written in the public sphere, not from word of mouth and I certainly don't think anyone would claim to "know you".

Thanks for leaving the comment. I am sure this alone will clear up any misunderstand that you hope for.

Peter Day said...

Amen, Dan.

And thank you, Nathan. I don't know you either, but it is good that you have left this comment. And, I agree totally with you, I hope that the anonymous person would make himself known.

There is much edifying material in this blog, and we need to stop being distracted and educate our minds and stir our hearts with the glorious truths that are hear - and be moved to pray and serve Him who is upon the throne!

Chuck Baldwin said...

who's nathan smith?

Scott said...

Hes the pastor of the SGM church in Bristol that Dan used to go to.

Sctt said...

And seeing as I got a mention, can I just state for the record I certainly never thought it was him and definately didn't suggest it was either!

James B said...

I also plead not guilty to referring to this Nathan Smith. Up until Scott's comment I haven't heard of him before. I don't know SMG very well and have only heard of Mahaney. I thought the UK leader was someone called Peter Bowland or something. I don't apologise for my comments. Like Julie over at her blog I hate legalism with a passion because I'ev seen firsthand what it does in the churches.

Like dan said I'm sorry this Nathan smith thought it was directed at him. It wasnt. I'm intrigued though as to why he thinks it might have been.

Baxter's Boy said...

Okay can we end comments on this matter now please. We've all ascertained that the angry anonymous person isn't Nathan Smith although noone thought it was. But I've spoken to Peter Day and we're concerned that these comments are distracting from the issues that we are trying to point to on the blog - issues such as revival, the coming down of the Spirit of God, the turning of the tide and looking to Brighton!

If these comments don't stop I will have no option but to put the moderating option on. It's something I really don't want to do but I don't have the time answering all these secondary comments and issues.

Thanks everyone. End of!