Friday, May 11, 2007


The title says it all!! My prayers (and the prayers of others I am sure have been answered!!

Terry Virgo has taken to the blogsphere! The blog is part of a larger, extremely professional website - Terry Virgo dot org. For all fans of Terry, it is a treasure trove. There are Bible insights, the blog itself, his diary, resources and frequently asked questions.

Even though the blog has just a few posts, straight away there are awesome posts to ponder on and learn from. Like this;

"While recently in South Africa I was standing in a circle with a group of leaders worshipping God in the open air. My eyes were closed. We were singing songs and I realised that the only unusual sensation I was feeling was that grass was under my feet. I guess it’s unusual for me to be worshipping God with grass under my feet!

I really felt that God started speaking to me about how often He had been worshipped when men had grass under their feet. He was glorified by worship that was in the context of action, not simply in worship that’s in a meeting place with a gathered congregation".
Fellow Terry-fan Luke has some excellent points to say that really accurately sum up my feelings too about this;
"... useful features for those (like me) who both want to be blessed by Terry's ministry, and who have often wondered how they can best pray for their leader (e.g. "I wonder what Terry is up to this week?") ... This blog fosters that sense of feeling involved with the wider mission which only comes through an engagement with those who are going, or have gone ... His blog will turn out to be another arrow in his already-full quiver of resources to affect change. But it will probably be one of the sharpest and furthest-reaching of the lot".
Once again Luke expresses so well what I have been feeling too!

So all in all ... HORRAYYYYYYYYYYY!!

Thanks to Jul for finding this one out!!

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