Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ultimate Triumph Is Ours!!

Here is a portion from the "Ultimate Triumph" series that I am transcribing by Dr Ern Baxter. It was a completely outstanding sermon where Ern verbally sketched out the fact that God wasn't caught off guard by the fall of man. A divine remedy has always been at the centre of His heart, and as surely as He lives ALL the earth WILL be filled with the glory of the Lord! Surely the very heart of Word and Spirit is the bringing of the nations to His Lordship. Smith Wigglesworth prophesied that the coming together of Word and Spirit would result in a mighty revival that will see the ends of the earth covered with the glory of the Lord. That's the centre of what we believe as Reformed Charismatics! R T Kendall said that when Word and Spirit come together there will be "spontaneous combustion!".

So to Ern Baxter:

"At the very darkest moment of human history when Adam and Eve and the serpent stand trembling in the Presence of a holy God and the earth is already starting to wilt and the trees are bowing their heads and the earth is starting the long sob of lostness – in that awful dark moment God lights a hope and says that the seed of the woman will crush the serpent’s head. There will be ultimate triumph! Now I hope you can hear me with your internal ear – ultimate triumph is not in the future.

Ultimate triumph accomplished when Christ conquered principalities and powers and made a show of them openly triumphing in His Cross and rose from the dead and ascended into the Presence of God to take over the reigns of cosmic government. That’s where we triumphed. We are working out the triumph now! The triumph doesn’t wait for the Second Coming – we are living in the triumph – we are walking in the triumph! That is the theology of harvest. There is nothing in the Old Testament prophecies that doesn’t throb with hope and throb with the ultimate intention of triumph".

The full series will be published soon!

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