Wednesday, March 12, 2008

An Alternative Version to "Draw Me Close to You"

For all the many fans I know are out there who just love the song; "Draw Me Close to You" - I thought you would be amused by this alternative version that I read over on "SGM Uncensored". It may be a bit more theologically palatable to those sorts of people who hate the song and don't sing it anymore.

"Claw me Close to you-Never let me go
I submit it all down again,because these claw marks say that your my friend
I cant’ trust my desires

there’s nothing I can do
cause nothing else will take the placeof my pastor’s wisdom and means of Grace

I am but a worm, boiling in sins’ stew
I’m so in want (I think, but I’m not sure cause I could never trust my heart)

This church is all I’ve ever needed
I’m so in want
Help me know what to fear"

Well ... I thought it was quite funny! :-D


jul said...

Did they put out lyrics for "I'm Forever Hateful" yet?

lydia joy said...

Hmmm, you two I am wondering what list of sin issues are going to be thrown at you for this........!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ut oh... 8O


janelle said...


Peter Day said...

This rewriting makes me weep. For two reasons. Firstly, it is such a travesty of a beautiful song. Secondly, if the rewriting is an accurate reflection of the understanding of grace that people have received, then it is tragic.

Dan Bowen said...

Yes that's a fair point Pete, I guess I laughed because my favourite love song to Jesus has been so attacked and removed from general singing - that there is not much else to do but laugh. But you are right. The lack of understanding of grace that is prevelent across the world is tragic. Who on God's earth wants to focus more on their sin than on the wonders of what Jesus Christ did for them at the Cross and accomplished by sitting down at the Father's right hand and reigning!!?!?

I for one still continue to sing "Draw Me Close" to you in my times of encounter with God alone in the flat. And love it :)