Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Prophecy is FULFILLED in 2007!!

The other title I was thinking for this post was;

"Rob Rufus, Mike Bickle, Revival and the Control Spirit".

But I have been listening to Rob's latest sermon; "Invading the Impossible - Part 8 - Breaking the Control Spirit" while I have been driving too and from work last night. As I was driving home I was almost at the end of the sermon and Rob gave the following account that I have transcribed below. As I opened the door to my flat, the power of God fell upon me as I was listening and I couldn't stop shaking - my ear pressed to my iPOD. And I want - I know - to get this account shared as widely as possible. It MUST be heard! We are living in days when prophecy is being fulfilled!!

"A very interesting story I want to give you here. At the beginning of last year - January 2007 - we were in the USA in Los Angeles and we were speaking to the senior pastors of many, many churches around the States and Canada. They had all come together and I did 16 meetings with them in 6 days preaching and ministering to them all.

On the last day I really discerned that God wanted to release the prophets because the prophets have been bewitched by the Jezebel spirit and have been controlled by pastor/teacher controlled denominational churches. I don't know if that makes any sense to you but it's the truth. The prophets are the eyes of the church and when the prophets are silenced and controlled, the church has it's eyes gouged out and they are like a Samson who is blindly working the Philistines camp having lost his strength. And the prophets eyes are coming back - the prophets are hearing this message and are finding strength to stand up and boldly prophesy this message.

I love it! So on the last day I started praying for the prophets and I stepped up to this one man who had a Vineyard church background in the USA and as I walked towards him, I didn't even get a chance to get my hands on him as I recall - I walked towards him and he was thrown back under the power of God and he sobbed for 2 hours. When the sobbing and weeping stopped then he couldn't talk and the fire of God was going through him. I flew out a few days later and I was at the Los Angeles airport and I rang him because I got a message and he said; "Rob I have never experienced the power of God like that - I have got a CD that I think would be helpful to you that is by Mike Bickle".

How many of you know Mike Bickle? From the Kansas City Prophets. He leads a phenomenal church in Kansas City and his church is praying with other churches 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for revival. Any time you switch on TV and they are praying - every day, every moment and they are praying for world revival in the church.

He said; "Mike Bickle spoke a message on the control spirit and I really believe that God wants you to hear this message". I got the CD and I listened to this message about a year ago and I have to be honest while I was listening to it, it didn't really resonate with me. I just thought it didn't give me a buzz, it didn't register. I always make notes when I am hearing someone preach that I am interested in so I did write down what he was saying - an outline - and then I just forgot it. Now I don't think about the control spirit a lot - I just discern it when it is operating and I deal with it. But I don't talk about it a lot or preach about it - only these two Sundays in a row I have preached about it. If you talk about the control spirit too much you make the people paranoid and they see control in everything!

Anyway I wrote this stuff down and was preparing this message and thought that I would go and get some notes I wrote some time ago (and I haven't got the best filing system!) and so was looking through my notes and came to this outline of Mike Bickle speaking on the control spirit. I got the shock of my life because I started reading it and suddenly now it was alive to me! How many of you know that a message has a season for your life?

I am looking at this and I see that I have written down about Mike Bickle speaking recently about an incident that happened to him in October 1990 in the United Kingdom. He was travelling there with John Wimber. How many of you know John Wimber? He is with the Lord now but he was a remarkable man - I met him several times. God raised him up from California to open the door of the supernatural to denominational churches. He went primarily to the Church of England of all places! Thousands of Anglicans would gather to hear him and John Wimber would just talk and while he was talking they would begin to bounce in their seats and demons would come out and people would fall under the power of God. He is typically Californian - he is not like me - he has a goatee beard and a big paunch and Californian sunshirts on and he would just talk quietly and the power of God came.

Mike Bickle was invited to travel with him and Mike went into his hotel room at the end of a meeting and he said in the early hours of the morning Jesus walked into his room visibly. October 1990. Mike Bickle said he had only seen Jesus visibly with his open eyes three times in 30 years of ministry. He said a terror came over him and it wasn't just parts of his body shaking - every single part of his body began to violently shake. God is not a semi-senile Santa Claus - He is an awesome God, this Jesus! He walked into that room and Mike Bickle began to shake violently. He said he could hear the traffic outside and then he said Jesus began to speak to him and he said, he could hear Jesus like he was hearing with his ears! He began to say;

"I want you Mike to begin a prayer movement and prepare for the power of a visitation of My Kingdom that will begin in 2007".

Now isn't God amazing? He spoke about something 17 years before the event! Prophets have to be patient! Now I am thinking; "October?! October! 1990! Jesus visibly in a room telling a man that a visitation is coming that will begin in 2007!!". Now the Spirit is starting to rise up inside me!

"Hold on a minute -hold on. In JUNE of 2007 Marina saw two angels appear in this room". Which by the way people from Dubai saw as well and have told me since and they are sane, not weird people. So angels appeared with big trumpets and as she was seeing them, I didn't see them but I heard God speak in my heart and say that He was sounding a trumpet blast that was signalling the transitioning of this church out of an Old Covenant mentality and into a New Covenant mentality. And the power of God fell on this place and some of you saw this and we went to Brighton and we saw the power of God fall like we have never seen it before.

God said; "I am lifting the periphery fence - you are stepping into New Covenant glory and no one can go into New Covenant glory if they are under legalistic mindsets". Remember? What is a legalistic mindset? A control spirit. So Mike Bickle is shaking and Jesus says;

"In 2007 a visitation of My Spirit is coming to the earth". And then He says this to Mike Bickle; "No body under a control spirit will be part of that visitation".

Now I am preparing a message on the control spirit looking for other notes. I had forgotten I had written that down! Then Jesus said this to Mike Bickle - and by the way Mike Bickle is a holy man of integrity who fears God and he could be a multi-millionaire but he lives in a small house on purpose. He is a faithful man who doesn't make stupid stuff up. Jesus said this;

"Mike in the world at the moment in 1990, the Christians today who are moving at the highest level of the miraculous - if you want to talk about the anointing, the scale of the anointing from 1 to 10 and the book of Acts was 10 - the people in the earth who are moving in the highest levels of the anointing have not gone beyond a 2".

I heard that and thought; "Wow! Good news!". Because we are trying to do the works Jesus did with a number 2 when God wants to get us to a number 10! So He says;

"People that move at a number 2 - other Christians think they are moving at a number 10. But they are actually moving 8 scales below that and the reason why most Christians think they are moving at a number 10 is because most Christians are operating in a 0.01 level of the anointing. So when they see a number 2 they think it is a number 10.

I am willing to give a number 2 level of the anointing to any Christian anywhere on the earth at any time - but no one with a control spirit will go beyond a number 2. But I am willing to give the number 10 anointing to anyone who deals with the control spirit".

And then He said; "Now Mike at the next meeting you are going to preach to thousands of people and you will preach what I have told you".

Mike went to John Wimber and said; "John Jesus told me to do this - do you think it will be right John?" and he was hoping John Wimber would say; "No" because he didn't want to address the Church of England that have got serious control spirits. He didn't want to be remembered like that. He was under much persecution in the USA at the time and people were writing books against him at the time and he didn't want to be remembered as the guy who stood up and told the Anglicans they were under a control spirit and you need to repent!

John Wimber said; "I believe that is Jesus - you need to go and do that". So he came out and there were thousands in the auditorium and (this was October 1990) he spoke about the control spirit in weakness and in fear and in trembling. He said while he was speaking the power of God fell and hundreds had demons come out of them and they fell foaming from the mouth. This was British people! He flew back to Kansas and thought he would preach it and see the same power and he preached it and nothing happened! He preached it again and nothing happened! He said; "Lord what is happening here?". Jesus said;

"Mike I told you to preach that message about 2007 and I backed it up with signs and wonders so the message you preached would be backed up. But what I was talking about was for 2007".

So I am saying this locally and internationally. Jesus is coming after the control spirit in the church over His Bride and He will not just come and topple it off us. He doesn't do that. He will expose our hearts to the revelation of the control spirit and give us the choice to repent, humble ourselves and say;

"Lord not my plan, not my ambition - Father I want your plan, your ambition for my life and I repent of trying to control You, control people, control my life - I surrender to the control of the Holy Spirit. Do what you want Holy Spirit".

Let me give you an example but it is a sign of bigger things. The majority of Christians I have met when a level 2 anointing comes on them in the service and they will shake a bit and nearly fall over, they get a fright, get worried and get all formal and take control back. Who's in control of their life? Them. I am not talking about self-control over the sinning spirit. They are controlling the Holy Spirit and He came on them in a number 2 anointing!

Folks, I want to tell you I am not interested in a number 2! I have only got a number 2 right now! I am not interested in a number 3, 4, 5 or 6! I want a number 10! I am a prisoner of hope and I can see what's coming! I know what we need!

The power of God comes and they say; "God's in control of this church!? This is our church!". No its His church! The first whiff of God coming on you and what do you do? Welcome to the number 2 club. Enjoy number 2.

That's all you will have in 2007-2009 even though you know that in the Bible Jacob wrestled with God face to face, experienced God encounters, Abraham fell under the power, Daniel heard an audible voice, all the prophets had encounters with God, Jesus saw the heavens opened, the early church was drunk, Paul was knocked to the ground by the power of God and heard an audible voice, John was caught up to heaven!!

And yet it's NOT happening today!! Why is it not happening today? The spirit of control. We've got control of our lives, our church, our religion.

We must repent and open our heart! "Your will on this earth as it is in heaven".


jul said...

Listened to this one last night, it's such a great one! I was on the edge of my seat haha, my one thing I would change about Rob's preaching is his constant apologizing for the length of his preaching, I never want him to stop! Anyway, this is definately one of the ones I'll be listening to many times over...

jul said...

oh, and didn't you LOVE Bonnies song at the end??

Dan Bowen said...

:) Yes I was in tears and still shaking slightly under the power of God. It was just incredible! I agree with you though - he really needs to stop apologising!! With him a thousand years is like a day and a day is like a thousand years!! Oh wait ... that's God.

Peter Day said...

This is an incredible word - it stirs up a great big "YES" in my heart!

lydia joy said...

This really was such an invigorating, inspiring, hope and life giving message. It left me so invigorated and filled with joy. Dan thanks for sharing how it impacted you and how you experienced the power and were shaking...it only left me more expectant to receive from God while listening to it myself......and Bonnie's was soo wonderfully simple but more rich than most songs we are so used to singing, simply because of declaring "I am in love with you Jesus!!!" I just love that, I never used to be able to say that and really mean it, that should be every Christians cry......WE LOVE YOU JESUS!!!!!