Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Grace and Glory Teachers!! ... Patricia King

One of the wonderful things about Rob Rufus's ministry is that every now and then he mentions ministry teachers just in passing. Pete and I have been hunting down books and ministry resources by these people he mentions and have understood why Rob has mentioned them! I am already overwhelmed with Bill Johnson and some of the books he has written. Rob recently mentioned Patricia King - again just in passing and I found these three videos on You-Tube that are well worth taking the time to watch.

Christianity is a movement of POWER accompanying our words! The world is watching what we are doing not listening so much to what we are saying anymore. Is our believing in the free gift of righteousness that has been imputed to us changing our lives?


Peter Day said...

These are mindblowing videos. I am so hungry for more of Him!

Dan Bowen said...

They are awesome aren't they! We are adding vigorously to our arsenal of true Grace and Glory teachers so we can continue receiving glory upon glory of truth!!

Cindy said...

We all love Pastor Patricia - she is an apostle sent from God and an amazing witness to the power of the resurrected Chrst. Thanks for these video clips they are such a faith stirrer.