Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Rob Rufus's Travel Itinerary in 2008!!

What is your diet going to consist of in conferences in 2008 that you are going to? I'm becoming increasingly fussy and demanding! I don't want clever techniques or even academic head knowledge (although I love hearing professors of theology teach). I want GRACE expounded! I want a reminder of my RIGHTEOUSNESS in Jesus Christ taught! I want FAITH imparted by the hearing of the Word of God! I realised that one day I am going to give account for the money that I spent on going to the conferences I do along with the booked holiday time off work.

Although Rob and Glenda Rufus are staying based much more in Hong Kong in 2008 than in previous years, he is travelling to some key conferences that are worth being aware of. I know that most people are aware of how to get into the audio archives of his sermons but it is possible to find out information where Rob is going to be throughout this year. Hopefully this may make it possible for some to get to hear him a bit nearer to your homes rather than travelling to Hong Kong!!

March 2008

Glory & Grace Conference 2008. Jubilee International Church, Sydney, Australia. 26-29 March 2008.

Following the impact of the Glory & Grace Conference which Fini and Isi de Gersigny co-led with Rob and Glenda Rufus in Hong Kong in 2007, a similar conference will be held in Sydney at the end of March 2008, which will once again be co-led by Fini and Isi de Gersigny and Rob and Glenda Rufus.Jubilee International Church is a local autonomous church in Sydney, Australia, led by Fini and Isi de Gersigny and founded in January 1997. Their beliefs and methodology are based firmly in the Bible - plus nothing and minus nothing.

9-12 May 2008

Newfrontiers Northern European Conference. Delden, The Netherlands. 9-12 May 2008.

God has times and seasons in His purposes. We believe that God is intent on establishing healthy and expanding local churches joined in a sense of purpose together across the nations of Northern Europe. Relationships and friendships are forming and ministries to serve the churches are beginning to emerge. Momentum is gathering to plant new churches and to strengthen existing ones as many more people come to Christ. The Newfrontiers Northern European Conference is one of the events in which you can learn to hear from God, be equipped and encouraged together in your mission. Encouraged by the first conference in 2007, we believe that God has further plans for us to come together again in May 2008.

16-17 May 2008

Kings Church is a church that primarily praises God because the death and resurrection of Jesus changed history, makes a difference in our community because that’s what Jesus did, tells people the good news because it sets people free, and sees God’s power transform lives because God called us to change the world.Breathtaking, the power of God breaking out – Empower 08, is a conference at which the special guest will be Rob Rufus.

18 May 2008

Conference. The City Church Canterbury, England.

The City Church Canterbury began in 1989 and is part of Newfrontiers, a worldwide family of churches together on a mission. They are a group of Christians, from a wide variety of different backgrounds, ages and ethnic origins, who all share the same vision for what God wants to do in and through them: To be a big community of radical disciples which impacts Canterbury and beyond for Jesus.

July 2008

Word and Spirit Conference. Joshua Generation Church, Cape Town, South Africa.

Speakers: Rob and Glenda Rufus - Fini and Isi de Gersigny - Michael Eaton.

Early July 2008. Joshua Generation Church aims to impact their city, nation and the world through living out a New Testament apostolic / prophetic Christianity.

July 2008

Word and Spirit Conference. Southside Church, Durban, South Africa. Early July 2008. Mike and Nicky Ward Southside Durban

Glory and Grace Conference (Hong Kong) - February / March 2009.

As promised at the end of the City Church International 2007 Glory and Grace Conference, we have already started planning a follow-up conference. Due to the Olympic Games that will be held in Beijing and the Olympic Equestrian Events that will be held in Hong Kong from 8-24 August 2008, we have decided to schedule the next City Church International Hong Kong Glory and Grace Conference for early 2009, either in February or March.


jul said...

the poor americas!!!

Dan Bowen said...

I know!! But you guys did get him in LA for a massive conference this time last year!! :)

lydia joy said...

okay, so we don't get Rob.......but we do get Bill Johnson, he will be in my area in May!!!!! I'll take that!!!!

Anonymous said...

It seems you and I have something in common - a preference against Mark Driscoll's ministry.

Anonymous said...

He must come to Johannesburg! Please!
Thank you!