Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Resurrection isn't just a DOCTRINE ... it is DAILY POWER!!

I am currently working through two sermons of Rob Rufus's simultaneously! "Invading the Impossible - Part 10" at home and "Invading the Impossible - Part 11" away. My mouth watered when I saw the title of Part 11!

"Enjoying the Benefits of the Resurrection Power of Jesus!".

I remember a few years ago, a rather vehement SGM-er who was unhappy with my promoting the Resurrection and critiquing SGM's over-emphasis on the Cross, called me (I think he meant it uncomplimentary) an "Avid Resurrectionist"! Well after listening to this sermon I can safely say that Rob Rufus is also an; "Avid Resurrectionist"! I was just making my way home and during the sermon Rob told this historical account about a man called John G Lake in South Africa. It's incredible!

Here is the account in Rob's own words;

"In 1905 in South Africa John G Lake - a man who raised the dead, God used him to heal cripples - started a revival and planted 500 churches in 5 years. The bubonic plague hit South Africa. 20, 000 dead here and 20, 000 dead there. A disease so contageous that if you touched the spittle or got near people who had it, you would catch it. They were burying people in mass graves. And John G Lake went into the areas where no one would go because the corpses were stinking. He and his friends would bury the dead and finally the vaccine came from the United Kingdom down to South Africa in 1905. It took a while.

They came in and said; "You should be dead sir. You have been handling the dead here - this bubonic plague. How come you are still alive and your friends also?". He said; "Take some spittle from that dead man over there and put it under a microscope". They saw it was seething with bacteria or virus. He said; "Okay - bring it here and put it on my hand". He held it on his hand for just a little while and he said; "Okay now - put it back". ALL the disease was dead! They said; "WHAT is this!?!?".

He said; "This is Romans chapter 8 verse 11 - the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you - He will make alive and give life to your mortal body!". He said;

"Sir, my mortal body is vibrating with resurrection life and power and disease can't penetrate this!".

Now THAT should be the testimony of the Church! But the trouble is a few men and women have stepped into the benefits of the New Covenant - just a few on the planet and they are upheld as special kinds of people when actually it is an inheritance of every pew-sitter! We don't want pew-warmers and pew-sitters - we want people who live and walk in resurrection POWER!!".

There is so much I could say in response to that account. My hair was standing up on end! I can do no better than close with another quote from Rob from the same sermon. Resurrection is more than a doctrine - more than a historical event - it is daily power for us today who BELIEVE!

"When you are walking in resurrection power, even your shadow will heal the sick but some Christians are settling for a Christianity that is cerebral and historical and that is not going to do it!".


sclough said...

This is so true. One of the great tragedies is that we have orthodox doctrine, but not orthodox reality. God help us and make us hungry to live in the reality of Christianity rather than simply the doctrines of Christianity.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment sclough!! Amen - let us live in the realities of Christianity rather than just the doctrines!! There is nothing wrong with using our brains to the glory of God but there is more to us than just brains!!