Friday, March 07, 2008

What True Humility Is ... And Is Not

"Humility is your greatest weapon against the control spirit. If you live in humility, you can never come under the control spirit - never - you will never be controlled if you live in humility. I have written this in my Bible: "Humility is the mighty weapon that will keep you easily free from the control spirit but humility must not be false humility that comes from a fear of rejection that is a false submission. You are just humbling yourself out of fear of being rejected or disapproved of. Humility is a very powerful position of confidence and security before God that sets you free from the fear of man because true humility comes from God's wisdom - true humility comes from the wisdom that is above".

There is too much false humility in the church. "I don't want to be successful, I don't want to be blessed - I just want to be humble". Rubbish! Jesus was successful and He was humble. Moses split the Red Sea with his rod and yet was the humblest man at that time on the earth. Humble people are bold and confident in the mighty power of God and they cannot be controlled by the controlling spirit. But where did they get their humility from? From the wisdom of God. If you do not have God's wisdom then you cannot be truly humble. You have just learnt the lingo that sounds humble. But if you have God's wisdom then you have discernment about the control spirit and you can deal with it in true humility".

Rob Rufus - Invading the Impossible - Part 8 - 2nd March 2008.


Peter Day said...

I love it - absolute great quote!

lydia joy said...

I second that!!

Dan Bowen said...

It's an excellent quote isn't it - I found the distinction between true and false humility very interesting indeed - especially how false humility (abundant in the church as I know we can all testify) is about lingo that just "sounds humble" and is actually a protection from a fear of rejection, for not having enough academic qualifications, or enough books etc etc.

"Humble people are bold and confident in the mighty power of God!".

Awesome! :)

Anonymous said...

Here is a striking example of the point you are trying to make: