Sunday, March 16, 2008

The BEST News EVER!!

Want to hear something that will make you want to scream, jump, shout, dance, twirl about, and generally go crazy?!!??! (Well it did me anyway!);

"This gift of righteousness declares that God will NEVER count your sins against you! NEVER! You cannot be righteous and have sins counted against you at the same time! If God be for us - who can be against us?! It is God who justifies, who is it who accuses? Let me say that again - you cannot be the righteousness of God and have God counting your sins against you at the same time!".

Rob Rufus - "Invading the Impossible - Part 9" - City Church International, Hong Kong - 9th March 2008.


lydia joy said...

and do back flips, even if you don't know how and breakdance and fly.....!!! Yahoo! I love your awesome passion for the TRUTH!!!

Dan Bowen said...

Ah yere I forgot the backflips and the breakdancing!! You see I am obviously not "dudey" enough!! ;)

But hey - we're all excited anyway!! It is so SO true what Rob says, this truth is just so freeing and what I am trying to allow myself to believe is that the more I simply bask in this revelation, the more my faith will grow to invade the impossible!!

Yahoooo indeeed!! Thanks Lydia glad I am not the only one to be thrilled!! :D

Scott Stringer said...

Well hopefully Dan knows what I mean there lol !!

It is just SO utterly refreshing and Amazing to hear someone preach utter truth like this...just free from legalism !!!

lydia joy said...

Hmm, Scott don't know those moves but I used go to Rave's back in the day, oh that sounds so fun right now.....okay reminising here.....

lydia joy said...

Oh wait I think I know cardboard box - but darn I can't show you - oh well......!!

Nick Cameron said...

Thanks for posting this Dan and reminding me of this awesome truth!

Someone at Church on Sunday said that our sin was indelible until Jesus came and completely wiped it away and then clothed us with indelible righteousness that cannot be stained - God sees you as indelibly righteous!

Oh yes there is serious reason to party!!!
Nick x