Thursday, June 05, 2008

Che Ahn in Lakeland Florida!!

In the earlier days of the Florida Outpouring many of us were quite excited and interested to see that Che Ahn visited Lakeland. He was powerfully and visibly touched by God's manifest power but also brought a apostolic/prophetic anointing to Todd Bentley. I was thrilled therefore to find the video of that on You-Tube.

Here it is:

I've never really heard much of Che Ahn (other than knowing he used to be associated with the group of churches I used to belong to) - but this has certainly fuelled my interest in him and my love for men of Word and Spirit who are so open to God!! Let's keep watching eagerly - God's got much more in store!


Anonymous said...

Great video! Thanks, Dan!!


Dan Bowen said...

It is awesome isn't it!? So glad I found it! Che's prophecy I think demonstrates something else that Terry Virgo missed out in his message to Prayer and Fasting. He suggested that Todd Bentley and the others have ignored or are stepping out and ignoring the wider and greater church history.

Che mentions the Voice of Healing revivals and William Branham - and I know that Branham has been referred to quite regularly by Todd Bentley. They DO show a respect for what God has done in churc history - but these guys are expecting this thing will be greater. Can that be wrong to hope that Lakeland superscedes what has gone before?

Anonymous said...

Well, I watched the entire video clip - twice. There is a whole lot of talking about "The Annointing" and "The Wave." The speakers engage in a whole lot of name-dropping about their favorite teachers. But not once - not even one time, was the name of JESUS mentioned. Not once!!!

No scripture. No Jesus. Nothing of substance. Pitiful.

Dan Bowen said...

Well Anonymous you are welcome to your opinions ... as always. Thanks for dropping by.

James B said...

I wonder what many of our conclusions would be if we visited your own church Anonymous ... pitiful is a harsh word. Let's hope no one ever applies it to you.

sgm pastors wife said...

I have noticed a lot of obsession with the mention or lack of mention of the Name "Jesus" against the Lakeland outpouring. Well firstly, I don't think I could say that Sovereign Grace mention the actual name "Jesus" much. In my experience it is more the words "Cross" or "Saviour". So ... if we are nit-picking, they stand accused too.

Secondly I am in love with my husband. But I dont talk about him all the time. He's always at the pack of my mind but I dont mention him in every conversation with friends etc. Its just my love for him governs a lot of what i do. Why cant it be the same with Jesus? Anonymous rankles because Che Ahn and Todd spoke of "the anointing".

Well Who gives the anointing!? Who sends the wave!? Only one Jesus Christ.