Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Lady in Eastbourne HEALED of Arthritis!!

This is a short clip of the first lady to be healed at the amazing Eastbourne conference where Rob Rufus was ministering. You can actually see Graham Marsh, the pastor grabbing Rob's attention and calling her up. Rob goes on to speak about this lady back in Hong Kong and of her awesome faith that she WOULD be healed at that conference.

Here it is:

It is so absolutely faith-building!! The fire of God was so heavy in that place and continues to this day! People's lives are being changed - set free - set on fire forever by His resurrection power! There are many, many more testimonies that can be found here on video and audio so you can see for yourself what happened on that awesome weekend.


07000intune said...

Dan it's been awful...our computer disc drive crashed and we are desperately trying to restore stuff and get back into action both personally and in the piano biz. It's been 10 days since we could access anything. My Ghanaian friend,Michael Hammond sent this last Friday about the recent Cindy Jacobs meeting here in London............."Please join me in thanking God in advance for more open doors. I had the privilege to attend Cindy Jacobs, meeting at PFN ( Julie and Rod Anderson) and the outpouring of God's spirit was so strong, such that the Lord confirmed through his Prophetess that revival had begun in the land. Praise God.

I am confident that the prophetic declaration made during the Time Peter (Stott)ministered o nthe Saturday of the conference (Havant) were significant during these meetings. Glory be to God. Please share this with Peter and co on my behalf. Infact, Cindy confirmed that in all her 21 years of visit to UK she has never seen such an outpouring like what we expereinced last night . In the saem was, she had never prophesied continually like what we expereinced yesterday. glory be to God. Earlier, the lord had shown her how the city and Nation had been opened to God with Angels ascending and descending. Halleluyah.

Even before, entering the room, one of the team confirmed this about me, and truely to say, I expereinced such an unusual presence of God such that before the meeting begun, I couldn't help but just to pray. Bless the Lord. Indeed, it was a gloroius time.

The attendance was great and growing and the Lord has begun something you and many others have been praying for. Do you know, that cindy had prophesied years back for God to use a tatoo man for a revival in Florida? She also said that God could use people from unexpected source in UK.

You may kindly tell the friends in your fellowship, i mentioned about tommorrow's programme 10.00am -11.00 am and hope if you are avialble, you may wish to tune in.
(That was last Saturdays voice of africa fm programme)
Greetings to Christine and all.


Dan Bowen said...


I thought you had gone quiet and something was wrong! Sorry to hear of your difficulties! That is amazing to hear about the prophecy of a "tattoo man" in Florida! It's deeply saddening that some are judging Todd Bentley on account of his tattoos and disregarding the work of God in Florida because of that and his appearance. How short-sighted can some Christians be?

Exciting to hear about what you've been upto - thanks for your informative comment!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for providing the links to the testimonies! So Wonderful!